It’s time to awaken to the power of who you are.

Not the version of you the world told you to be. Not the leader, worker, mother, woman that is socially acceptable and patriarchally conditioned.

No, not that version of you. It’s time to awaken the true you. The sovereign you. You already are her. You just need to remember. To unlearn.

To realise your sovereignty. To step into your authentic leadership. To own your feminine energy and power. To stop apologising for it and hiding all of it. To become the woman you have always wanted to be.

The world will be changed by all the awakening women. This is your invitation. This is why we are here. Welcome.



It's Our Time to Rise

Megan is the Founder and CEO of women's leadership and empowerment company Women Rising supporting women around the world to own their power.


Notes of Encouragement

A moment to exhale in the busyness of your life
Find comfort in the chaos. Each Sunday afternoon, I send a personal note of encouragement. Think of it like a love note for your spirit, and a moment of reflection and inspiration for the week ahead.

What if love was the operating language of leadership instead of fear?