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About the Book

It’s time to create a future where feminine power and leadership is celebrated. It’s time for a radical awakening and a revolution. It’s time for women to rise.

In Women Rising, you’ll discover how to recognise and resist the very real forces of power that limit how you work and live as a woman. Are you tired of being asked to ‘lean in,’ fit in, perform and conform? The truth is that women today continue to be constrained by pervasive ideas about how we ‘should’ act and behave.

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To break free, we need to understand the forces that limit our potential. Those forces are external and internal, without and within, and they sabotage the very success we work so hard for. In Women Rising, author and award-winning empowerment expert Megan Dalla-Camina shows you how to see and cut the invisible strings holding you back.

Women Rising unveils the 6 external paradoxes that impact how women lead and succeed. You’ll uncover how these power paradoxes affect our visibility, empowerment, confidence, success, motherhood and leadership.

Turning inward, you’ll discover how our internal narratives, the stories we tell ourselves, can also serve to keep us stuck. Women Rising unmasks 13 archetypes that keep us striving for impossible standards as a Perfectionist, an Overachiever, a Good Girl, a People Pleaser and more.

Finally, Women Rising illuminates the path forward. It shares real, practical tools and strategies that women everywhere can use to craft a future where we succeed on our own terms. Grounded in leadership experience from the world’s largest organisations, Megan Dalla-Camina’s hands-on toolkit shows you how to find your vision and purpose — and evolve as a confident, authentic leader.

It's time to rise and to step into your power. This guide will show you how.

Why Your Organisation Needs the Women Rising Book

Progress on gender equality demands more than just good intentions—it requires actionable strategies that lead to real, sustainable transformation. Women Rising is your catalyst for change, offering not just insights but real-world tested tools designed to dismantle the barriers that hold women back in the workplace.

Empower Women

Women Rising not only identifies the barriers that limit women's progress but offers proven solutions for overcoming them. This book is tailored to inspire women to embrace their unique leadership qualities. By highlighting successful strategies and personal stories, Women Rising equips women with the confidence to lead authentically and powerfully in all areas of life.

Engage Male Allies

This isn’t just a book for women. Give this book to every man in your organisation. It's a tool for enlightenment and engagement, turning 'good guys' into active allies. Women Rising offers a candid look into the experiences of women at work, challenging men to understand and contribute positively to a diverse workplace, as well as direct tools for men to become better sponsors and advocates for women.

Exclusive Resources for Corporate Buyers

Equip your team members to be change agents with comprehensive resources. Empower your employees to lead discussions, challenge the status quo, and champion equity and inclusion at all levels of your organisation.

With each bulk order, your organisation gains access to exclusive tools that facilitate growth and understanding:

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The Leadership Sessions

Immersive virtual experience with insightful conversations from a diverse lineup of speakers.

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Women Rising Circle Guide

Facilitate meaningful dialogue and deep reflection among women in your organisation.

women rising male allies discussion guide

Male Allies Discussion Guide

A framework for discussions that can enlighten men on the importance of their role as allies.

women rising conversation facilitator guide for leaders

Conversation Facilitation Guide

Equip leaders with the tools needed to host impactful conversations and open dialogue.

women rising the journal for self coaching

Digital Self-Coaching Journal

Help employees document their insights, track their progress, and set goals.

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About Megan Dalla-Camina

Megan Dalla-Camina is an award-winning expert in women's leadership and empowerment with a notable career spanning two decades as a corporate executive at IBM, GE, and PwC, and over a decade as a successful entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO of Women Rising, Megan leverages her vast experience to help women achieve clarity, build confidence, and become authentic leaders. Her Women Rising program has empowered over 7,500 women in 63 countries, collaborating with hundreds of major corporations like Microsoft, Accenture, and BMW.

A best-selling author of three books, Megan is recognised globally for her transformative research and teachings on women's leadership. She has received accolades such as the Women’s Economic Forum honour for women’s empowerment, Woman and Mentor of the Year by B&T, and the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Award for Accelerating Women. Her work is featured in top media outlets like Forbes, Marie Claire and CNN, and her popular Psychology Today column has more than 2 million readers.

Her fourth book coming in August 2024, Women Rising: The Forces That Hold Us Back and The Tools To Help Us Rise, is anticipated to redefine perspectives on women's roles in leadership and life. Beyond her professional achievements, Megan is dedicated to philanthropy, supporting various women-focused charities. She holds two Master's degrees, an Inner MBA from NYU, and is set to begin her PhD in Women's Spirituality and Leadership in the Fall. Based in Sydney, Megan can be found on most social media platforms @megandallacamina.