If you’re searching for clarity and meaning
If you long to feel supported, inspired and empowered
If you want to ignite your work, your leadership and your purpose
If you want to step fully into your womanhood and {feminine} power
If you’re ready to be activated to live a more lit up life


I’m so pleased you’re here. Let me share why I am.
It’s pretty simple: I’m all for Love.
To share wisdom and help you tap into your own.
To create tools to help you rise

Whether I’m writing books and blogs or speaking on stage; mentoring women or doing business strategy for entrepreneurs; developing female leaders around the world, or building platforms and companies to empower women, the mission is the same: to share love, wisdom and tools for rising. 

My work is all about you (and us, because, together we rise). But I’m guessing you’re probably curious about me. You can get to know me ‘formally’ in my official bio below, but the informal is so much more intimate. 

I sat with the question, what do you really need to know? and I landed on this: I’m a mother, daughter, sister, friend, seeker, creator and dreamer.  

I lead and live with my heart (surrounded by books, mala beads, essential oils, and an insane amount of stationary). I want to be creatively expressed and to be of service in equal measure. I crave soulful conversations, sacred living and words and wisdom that activate change.

I can talk business and wellness, humanity and leadership or consciousness and cash in the same sentence. I’ve learnt that you can work hard without it being hard work. And I’ll take grace and flow over hustle and strive any day of the week (and you can too). 


My life as a spiritual seeker, a creative and a leader have been the perfect fusion for my purposeful work as a women’s mentor, writer, speaker and entrepreneur.


I believe that the energy we bring and how we show up, matters.

And I believe that showing up with love in a world that can break your heart is an act of both courage and wild rebellion (and I’m all in for that). 

Kindness, gratitude, integrity, radiance and alignment are important to me.

My current guiding light is the word devotion, which leads me back to you.

I’m here for you

For your work, your leadership, your wellbeing, your life. 

For support, encouragement, inspiration and empowerment. 

To awaken your consciousness, help you gain clarity and activate the change you long for. 

To help you realise how amazing and magical you are, and step more fully into your womanhood. 

To support you to live, work, love and lead in a way that lights you up. 

Really, I’m simply here to walk you home to who you truly are.


A love note on being a woman


How glorious it is to be a woman, in all of our complexity, wisdom and radiance. It’s such a gift, our womanhood, to be witnessed, treasured and honoured.


but let’s be honest: somedays it’s not easy being a woman.


We can lose ourselves amongst the juggle of everything on our to-do lists: our work, family, children if we have them and the busyness of our lives.

We can also lose touch with the woman we long to be, and lose sight of the dreams we once held for our life.

Too many of us feel frazzled, rushed, over loaded and burnt out.

We may want to live a happy, fulfilled life, but it can seem all too hard. We want to do purposeful work in the world, but it gets lost in the mix of our endless days. We’d love to make a greater contribution, but have our hands full just doing what’s in front of us. And we long to be vibrantly well, but even that can feel like an impossible goal.

Perhaps most of all, so many of us want to be living, working, loving and leading in our feminine power, sovereign women with agency over our own lives. But in a crazy world and with so much to do, where would we even start?


What I’ve learnt from working with thousands of women, is that what many of us are really seeking is more sacredness in our lives.

We want to step out of the noise and chaos, and live more simply. We want time and space for what’s most important. And we have a deeply felt longing for connection - to ourselves, with each other, with the earth, and with the soulfulness in our lives.

For many of us, we also want to create work and businesses that we’re passionate about, lead in a way that we’re proud of, and make a difference in the world. 

If any of this resonates, then I feel you. I see you. I am you.

And we’re all in this big crazy ride together.


My purpose is to share love, wisdom and tools for your rising.

To help you tap into the core of what you want most, and help illuminate the pathways for you to live it.

To shine a light on just how magical you really are, so that you can finally see it.

To further awaken and shift your consciousness, so that you can deeply feel it.

And to share all of the possibilities for how you can create it.

All of it.

If you’re like so many of my girlfriends, clients and women in this community, you are ready for so much more than the life you are currently living.

We’re ready for a new definition of womanhood. Ready to throw off the shackles of the patriarchy. Ready to step out of the cloak of masculine traits that keep us driving and striving for a version of success that isn’t even our own. 

Ready to be radiantly well, instead of anxious, stressed and burnt out. Ready to stop hiding, playing small, comparing ourselves to everyone everywhere. Ready for financial abundance and, yes, ready for sovereignty.

We're ready for more in our lives

More clarity, time, space, freedom, simplicity, alignment, abundance, passion, purpose, joy, hope, meaning, creativity, truth, consciousness, love, connection, inspiration, activation, wellbeing, softness, power, radiance, spirituality, soulfulness, sacredness, magic.

We’re ready to find our voices, speak our truth and own our power. Our feminine power. 

Because whilst the feminine may have been disowned and devalued for centuries, we are so done with that story now. 

We know in our bones that the feminine is where our true strength resides. It’s time to remember who we are, reclaim her and redefine our womanhood for ourselves.

This is our work. It's the work we need to do for ourselves. And it's the work that the world needs us to do. 


We are women. Mothers, partners, seekers, teachers, healers, dreamers, creators, leaders. We’re breaking the chains and stepping out of the shadows. 

It's time for us to heal. It's time for us to create. It’s time for us to speak. It's time for us to lead. 

And believe me when I say this my sister, and feel it resonate and reverberate deep down into your soul: 

It’s time for us to rise.


Finding your way around this online home

Throughout this online home you will find content that speaks to the heart of our lives as women, that I hope will encourage, inspire, empower and activate your rising. 

You can start by downloading The Sacred Sessions - Audio Love Notes on womanhood, purpose, finding clarity and more, straight from my heart to your ears. They will beautifully support your journey.

You can read my best selling books that I offer to you with love: 

  • Lead Like A Woman, the journey map empowering you to embrace your feminine energy, confidence and purpose with the grit and grace to lead as your most authentic self.

On the blog, you will find writing and musings that I hope will be helpful and light your path. You can take what you need, leave the rest, and know that every word has been written with love and the intention to support you:

read the collections

women + womanhood

livelihood + leadership

wellbeing + sacred living

confidence + feminine power

clarity + navigating change

creativity + making magic

spirituality + awakening

encouragement + inspiration


There’s strategy and coaching work I do with entrepreneurs and business owners; mentoring for women who are ready to step into their power; digital programs and events; women’s leadership development programs; partnering together in my collaborative wellness business; or speaking opportunities on topics that matter.

It’s all here to serve you in whatever way you are ready for. 

I hope the lessons from my path may shine a light on your own and support you in both subtle and powerful ways. 

I hope you will visit often for more love, wisdom and tools for rising





I am here to love you back to wholeness. To be a mirror for your own self love, even when think you have none. To support you to connect to the love. Not the kind you find out there, but the well you have inside of you.

A place without comparison, feeling less than, or seeking permission. A place from where you can act, create change, and serve. To be in that place where love leads. In every life choice. Every career or business decision. Every leadership moment. Every act of being who you are and engaging in the world.



There’s ancient wisdom, that which seekers, sages, mystics and teachers have been searching for and sharing since the beginning of time.

There’s our own inner wisdom, that which comes from what we learn, along with the inner wisdom we find in our most quiet moments. In silence, stillness, enquiry, reflection. In listening to our own deep inner knowing.

Between the two is a bridge. I’ll meet you there.



I lovingly create - companies, platforms, programs, talks, books, resources, writing collections - to support, encourage and empower you. To awaken you to your boundless potential. To guide you toward your light.

I create to not only inspire you, but to activate you, your purpose, your passion, your radiance.

To wake you up to the power that lives within you, to ignite your limitless potential.

Tools to guide your journey and lead you home.



We make choices in each moment whether we rise or stay where we are. We can rise gently or with a fierceness that leaves us breathless. Every time we take a tiny step forward, we rise. When we make a small positive change, we rise.

When we set a boundary, say no, leave when it’s no longer serving us (the room, the work, the relationship), we rise. When we move toward courage and away from comfort, we rise. When we move a little more into our power, reclaim a touch more of our sovereignty, speak a little more of our truth, or pull a sister up behind us, we rise.


Official Bio

Megan Dalla-Camina is a best selling author, women’s mentor, founder and speaker passionate about women’s empowerment, leadership and wellbeing.


A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Megan is dedicated to helping women see what’s possible for their work and lives in a holistic, purposeful way.

She is the Co-Founder/CEO of Lead Like A Woman, an award winning leadership development company with a journey for women wanting to live and lead with authenticity and confidence; Founder and Creator of Sacred Living Co, a platform for women who are seeking more simple, soulful ways to be in the world; Founder of Sacred Essentials Co, a collaborative wellbeing and essential oils business; and Creator of The Career Toolkit, content, resources and an online program to support women create careers they love. 

After spending 18 years as an award winning marketing director, as head of strategy for one of the world’s largest technology companies, and with decades of experience in gender diversity, leadership and women in business, Megan is now a thriving entrepreneur dedicated to helping women rise. 

She works with female entrepreneurs and business owners on all aspects of their businesses; speaks to audiences around the world on topics of women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership and wellbeing; runs women’s leadership development programs for some of the worlds largest and most innovative companies; and writes about things that matter to modern women. 

Her work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets around the world, from CNN, NBC and Fast Company, to Elle, Marie Claire and Forbes. Leading feminist author Naomi Wolf calls Megan’s approach to women’s leadership ‘refreshing.’ Her work has been called ‘brave’ by Forbes, ‘inspiring’ by Elle Magazine and The Amplify Festival calls Megan ‘the voice of now’. 

Megan’s fusion of science, spirit and experience is truly unique and extraordinarily powerful. Her passion for wisdom and learning led her to complete two Masters degrees, one in business and one in wellness and positive psychology; half of her PhD in feminine power and women’s leadership; become a qualified yoga teacher, and she is currently studying with the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, researching plant based medicine for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The author of best selling books Getting Real About Having It All and Lead Like A Woman, Megan’s third book, Simple, Soulful, Sacred: A Woman’s Guide to Clarity, Comfort and Coming Home to Herself has just been released globally with Hay House. Megan writes weekly at megandallacamina.com, with collections, inspiration and empowerment on Love, Wisdom and Tools for Rising. 


My New Book

Simple Soulful Sacred is an essential guidebook for modern women who are ready for more from their lives. Explore themes of simplicity, livelihood, wellbeing, comfort, soulfulness, consciousness, courage, sacredness, womanhood and sovereignty and create the life you dream of.

Simple Soulful Sacred is the brilliant road map that will help women everywhere rise into their greatest potential.  The inspiring truth, wisdom, and love that this book imparts is just what we need to reconnect to our souls and tap into the sacred flow of purpose, power and genius that all women were born to express.”

Kelly Noonan Gores Writer/Director/Producer, HEAL Documentary 


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