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The older I get the harder it is to wrap myself into the required pithy but powerful bio.

I think many of us find this as women, especially as we reach midlife and beyond. If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of folding yourself into a neat little box with clean descriptors that make linear sense. Women’s lives and experiences just aren’t like that. The messiness of our lives is a main ingredient in the mysticism that is womanhood. That mess weaved with the magic makes us who we are.

That said, here is a brief backgrounder. For the official view, head here.

This is me: I'm a writer and author of four books, the Founder and CEO of women's leadership and empowerment company Women Rising, a creative, researcher, and women's mentor and coach. I left my 18-year corporate career in 2013 to become an entrepreneur and dive deep into my purposeful work helping women step into their power. It's one of the greatest privileges of my life.

The elements of my work meet at the intersection of science, spirit and experience. As a former corporate exec, I have a deep understanding of business, power and patriarchy and the challenges they can pose for women. I've got a couple of Masters degrees in business management, wellness and positive psychology. I stopped my PhD in feminine power and women's leadership halfway through when I realised I didn't need another piece of paper. Instead I put my full attention into my research, writing, coaching, teaching and understanding the depths and nuances of the journey we are on as women so I could first understand the heroine's journey for myself, and then be of the greatest service to women through my work.

At the heart of it all, I'm a seeker. I've spent three decades informally and formally studying, practicing and training in yoga, meditation, healing modalities, wisdom traditions, women's studies and the science and practices of wellbeing. They inform who I am, my writing and teachings, how I run my business, and how I live my life.

I am blessed with an incredible 22 year old son and we live near the beach where you will find me most mornings at sunrise, walking, meditating, frolicking in the ocean, contemplating the universe and being incredibly grateful for this crazy ride we call life.

Thanks for being here.

megan dalla camina

Women Rising is a women’s leadership and empowerment company created to help women rise in both their personal and professional lives. In my corporate career I experienced first hand the challenges we can face as women trying to fit into systems that were never designed for us. Endlessly trying to twist ourselves into pretzels, hide our inherent feminine traits, fit the mould of career success that was designed for men and become

the leaders that we thought we needed to be, but barely recognise ourselves in the process. Through the Women Rising program we have supported more than 7,500 women in 63 countries over the past 3 years. And we’re just getting started. We call it program, but really, it’s a movement. Learn more in my manifesto for the mission


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Women Rising coming August 28

It’s time to create a future where feminine power and leadership is celebrated. It’s time for a radical awakening and a revolution. It’s time for women to rise. My fourth and latest book, Women Rising: The Forces That Hold Us Back and The Tools To Help Us Rise will be released in August 2024, and is set to create a revolution for women on leadership, work and womanhood.


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“A life-changing book that lifts the lid on how to create transformative change within ourselves, and the world of work.”

Walkley award-winning journalist, author and social justice advocate

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