Simple Soulful Sacred is an irresistible invitation to lead a more meaningful, purposeful and soul aligned life.

It’s the guidebook for women who are ready to step out of the hustle and into the flow of intentional living. This book lights the path for women to get clear on what they want, own their feminine power and claim what’s sacred.

Sometimes it’s not easy being a woman. Our lives can be furiously fast and busy. We can lose ourselves amongst the juggle of everything on our to-do lists, lose touch with the woman we long to be, and lose sight of the dreams we once had for our life.

Simple Soulful Sacred shows women a path out of the busyness and into the flow of a new way of being. In soul nourishing and easy-to-read chapters, this wisdom filled book explores themes of simplicity, livelihood, wellbeing, comfort, soulfulness, consciousness, courage, sacredness, womanhood and sovereignty.

If you’re ready for more connection to what’s important, more reverence for what’s sacred, more clarity on what you want and how to redefine womanhood, and success, for yourself – then you will love this book. It’s your trusted guide for creating a more intentional life. Your heroine’s journey map for becoming the woman you want to be. And it’s the permission slip you’ve been waiting for.



“Simple Soulful Sacred addresses a pivotal question asked by women everywhere: how can we step into our true power as women, and live an intentional, purposeful, happy life? Megan’s wisdom cuts through the noise and gets to the heart centered truth. We can create more simple lives. We can awaken to our true potential. We can redefine womanhood. We can claim our sovereignty. If you’ve been waiting for a book to help you rise up in all areas of your life and become the woman you want to be, this is it.”

Rebecca Campbell
Best Selling Author, Light is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise


“The future is feminine. And powerfully so. Simple Soulful Sacred is the brilliant road map that will help women everywhere rise into their greatest potential. The inspiring truth, wisdom, and love that this book imparts is just what we need to reconnect to our souls and tap into the sacred flow of purpose, power and genius that all women were born to express.”

Writer, Director, Producer, HEAL Documentary


“Simple Soulful Sacred is the bible for women who want less hustle, more flow and to get sacred with what matters. If you want to live your passion and purpose from an authentic place, and learn how to radically take care of yourself on all levels, this book is a must read.”

Founder and Editor in Chief, Collective Hub


“Simple Soulful Sacred by Megan Dalla-Camina is a gift. A gift for your awakening soul and spiritual journey. Every chapter is a heart opener that will leave you feeling more aligned and in love with your sacred life, and with a deeper clarity about your passion and purpose. Read it from cover to cover in one juicy sitting, or simply open up to a divinely chosen page for daily guidance. A gorgeous gem of a book that deserves to sit permanently on your desk or bedside table.”

Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy


“So much heart and wisdom. An absolute gem.”

Best Selling Author, Top 5 Regrets of the Dying


Simple Soulful Sacred is a heartfelt offering that honours the wisdom and presence within each woman’s journey. May this book become a trusted resource for all women.

Best Selling Author of Practice You


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