It's time to reclaim your power. This book is your compass.


About the Book

It’s time to create a future where feminine power and leadership is celebrated. It’s time for a radical awakening and a revolution. It’s time for women to rise.

In Women Rising, you’ll discover how to recognise and resist the very real forces of power that limit how you work and live as a woman. Are you tired of being asked to ‘lean in,’ fit in, perform and conform? The truth is that women today continue to be constrained by pervasive ideas about how we ‘should’ act and behave.

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To break free, we need to understand the forces that limit our potential. Those forces are external and internal, without and within, and they sabotage the very success we work so hard for. In Women Rising, author and award-winning empowerment expert Megan Dalla-Camina shows you how to see and cut the invisible strings holding you back.

Women Rising unveils the 6 external paradoxes that impact how women lead and succeed. You’ll uncover how these power paradoxes affect our visibility, empowerment, confidence, success, motherhood and leadership.

Turning inward, you’ll discover how our internal narratives, the stories we tell ourselves, can also serve to keep us stuck. Women Rising unmasks 13 archetypes that keep us striving for impossible standards as a Perfectionist, an Overachiever, a Good Girl, a People Pleaser and more.

Finally, Women Rising illuminates the path forward. It shares real, practical tools and strategies that women everywhere can use to craft a future where we succeed on our own terms. Grounded in leadership experience from the world’s largest organisations, Megan Dalla-Camina’s hands-on toolkit shows you how to find your vision and purpose — and evolve as a confident, authentic leader.

It's time to rise and to step into your power. This guide will show you how.


Picture a world filled with confident women who know their worth.

Women rising will show you:

Ways women are expected to perform and conform to patriarchal power structures

Why women never feel like they’re doing enough, or are good enough

The inner stories and conditioning that keeps women small, stuck and socially compliant

So you can...

Break free from conditioning and create your own rules for your career and life

Stop trying to fix yourself, and write your personal definition of ‘success’

Transform your inner critic into your inner ally, and reclaim the power that exists inside you


It's your time to rise

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"Covering the hurdles of gender inequality, the complexities of career advancement, the daily grind of balancing work and home life, and the impact of non-inclusive workplaces, this book provides thoughtful and intelligent insights. Megan’s work fills me with hope for the future of all women across the globe.”


Jennifer McCollum

President & CEO, Catalyst

"Women Rising provides the most honest and profound description of the complexities of being a working woman. Every woman who reads this book will relate to the brilliant articulation of the paradoxes of power and archetypes of the inner critic. Every man will gain a much better understanding of something they have never really had to consider. Relief comes at the end of the book as it provides a number of logical and practical solutions. This book is a must for people of all genders wanting to better understand the realities of working women and being part of the solution.”


Marie Festa

Former CEO Chief Executive Women (CEW)

“A life-changing book that lifts the lid on how to create transformative change within ourselves, and the world of work.”


Tracey Spicer AM

Walkley award-winning journalist, author and social justice advocate

“Megan is deeply committed to changing women's lives. We’ve all heard of the patriarchy, a system that has historically disempowered us. Megan shines a bright light on just how insidiously it permeates women’s daily lives, and her work offers a compass for reclaiming confidence and wellbeing.”

Kemi Nakvapil


Executive/Personal Coach and Author

“Whenever I get stuck in societal paradoxes or my own stories, for over a decade now it has been Megan’s work that has inspired & encouraged me to move forward with clarity and purpose, and to create a life that I truly want to live. Megan’s vision of women confidently stepping into their power and becoming women unto themselves shines through every page of Women Rising. Megan masterfully combines personal anecdotes, practical advice, and thorough research to create a playbook for women seeking to rise.”

Dayle Stevens OAM

Dayle Stevens

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

About the Author

Megan Dalla-Camina is an award-winning expert in women's leadership and empowerment with a notable career spanning two decades as a corporate executive at IBM, GE, and PwC, and over a decade as a successful entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO of Women Rising, Megan leverages her vast experience to help women achieve clarity, build confidence, and become authentic leaders. Her Women Rising program has empowered over 7,500 women in 63 countries, collaborating with hundreds of major corporations like Microsoft, Accenture, and BMW.

A best-selling author of three books, Megan is recognised globally for her transformative research and teachings on women's leadership. She has received accolades such as the Women’s Economic Forum honour for women’s empowerment, Woman and Mentor of the Year by B&T, and the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Award for Accelerating Women. Her work is featured in top media outlets like Forbes, Marie Claire and CNN, and her popular Psychology Today column has more than 2 million readers.

Her fourth book coming in August 2024, Women Rising: The Forces That Hold Us Back and The Tools To Help Us Rise, is anticipated to redefine perspectives on women's roles in leadership and life. Beyond her professional achievements, Megan is dedicated to philanthropy, supporting various women-focused charities. She holds two Master's degrees, an Inner MBA from NYU, and is set to begin her PhD in Women's Spirituality and Leadership in the Fall. Based in Sydney, Megan can be found on most social media platforms @megandallacamina.


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