- let your inner critic hold you back?

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Meet Your Coach


Science. Spirit. Experience.

On this journey you will be expertly guided and soulfully supported by me, Megan Dalla-Camina, a global thought leader, author and expert in helping women create a soul level confidence and self belief.

I bring to you my decades of experience as a women’s mentor, coach, expert in women’s development, confidence and mindset; my years working with women in a 1:1 capacity; and my experience as a teacher in leadership, confidence and personal development globally.

I also bring my academic and research credentials of two Masters degrees and a partial PhD - more than a decade of study in business, leadership, gender science, women’s studies, feminine power, wellbeing, mindset, confidence, positive psychology, neurobiology and more.

I fuse that research with my knowledge and experience of how to help women like you work through challenges with self belief, and apply the science of confidence into real, tangible tools and strategies so that you can move forward in practical ways that have dramatic and sustainable results.


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