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feminine power

Disowning the feminine

In order to make our way in the world, many of us as women feel that we need to distance ourselves from aspects of the feminine such as being too emotional or passive, as they’ve been labeled as negative traits and a barrier to success for women in the masculine dominated workforce. Being a feminine

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heroine's journey

The heroine’s journey

A woman’s journey is not linear. It’s not a straight line, and you can’t plot it on a graph. It’s cyclical, seasonal, emotional, relational. Women’s lives take place in the community, sitting in circle, gathering in tribes and in councils. The path of The Heroine’s Journey as developed by Maureen Murdock represents this, perhaps for

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Daughters of the patriarchy

Patriarchy. It’s a word I have only really come to understand in the past decade. That may seem surprising for someone who has researched women’s studies, diversity, gender, and feminine power so intently. With a naiveté that still makes me curious, I worked inside the structures that define the very patriarchy itself – the all

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Moving away from the mother

Moving away from the mother

“You look just like your mother.” It’s a sentence that used to make me cringe. As a teenager going through a decade-long rebellion, the very last thing I wanted to be told was that I looked like my mother. My mother was beautiful, feminine, gracious, polite and charming. She was the epitome of a lady.

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Father's daughters

Father’s daughters

Disowning the feminine and aligning with the masculine shows up in our lives in many ways. Cloaking ourselves in the armour of masculinity. Seeking validation, approval and recognition from the masculine, represented as the individual and collective father. Striving for external success. Using that outward success as our barometer of self-worth. Bypassing what we deem

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