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Go out like a comet

One of my favorite episodes of Super Soul Sunday is the interview between Oprah Winfrey and Jean Houston. I must have listened to it at least half a dozen times. They discuss many things, most notably consciousness, being a woman, the state of the world, purpose, the hero and heroine’s journey, ageing and fulfilling their

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The antidote to fear

Fear is a contraction. Fear wants you to stay stuck. It wants you to think about all of your mistakes, the skills you don’t think you have, the reasons your ego tells you shouldn’t take the next right step. Fear wants to strip you of any self confidence you have, because it knows that you

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Your next sacred step

What is that one thing you are yearning to do, if only someone would say that you could and you should? What is your heart and soul longing for? What desire have you squashed so small that it now fits in a ring-sized box and sits in the farthest corner of your mind? What have

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The heroine’s journey

A woman’s journey is not linear. It’s not a straight line, and you can’t plot it on a graph. It’s cyclical, seasonal, emotional, relational. Women’s lives take place in the community, sitting in circle, gathering in tribes and in councils. The path of The Heroine’s Journey as developed by Maureen Murdock represents this, perhaps for

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I’m fine thanks

Here’s a revolutionary thought: There is nothing wrong with you. And another: You are not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. Do you believe me? I’m not sure you do. I’m not surprised. You have, after all, been told your entire life what to do, who to be, how to act, how to dress,

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Conscious parenting

I’ve been a single parent for most of my son’s life. His father and I separated when he was 18 months old, and divorced a year later. We agonized over the decision: went to counselling, patching things up for a while only to have them fall apart again. We could both see that everyone would

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Find your edge

It’s there. Behind the day to day. Just out of reach of what you know. Beyond what you think you are capable of. Just past your reach. It’s there. Outside your comfort zone. On the outskirts of the circle, way beyond the box. Just past the end of your fingertips even on your farthest reach.

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The spaces between

There are spaces between the moments. Between successes. Between relationships. Between projects. Between purposes. The time seems endless. You can feel the restlessness. You want to move, to plan, to do the doing that will get you to the next place, the next phase. To keep up with the endlessness, and prove that you’re still

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Creating space

A woman is sitting in front of her therapist. Georgia came to see him desperately seeking a relationship. After many sessions, the therapist asked her what space she had created for this new relationship to come into her life. “Have you cleared out part of your wardrobe?” he asked. “What for?” Georgia questioned. “For the

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Holding your breath

Breathing. It’s the most natural motion in the world. We do it without thinking about it, and of course, stating the absolute obvious, we must do it to survive. And yet, if you get really conscious with your breath throughout the day, you will no doubt experience multiple periods where you are in fact holding

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