You want to start your own business. You’ve been thinking about it. Dreaming about it.

But you haven’t done it yet. You need more confidence. You need a plan. And you need the right kind of support.

Welcome to this 5 week virtual group coaching program with award winning entrepreneur,

business strategist and coach, Megan Dalla-Camina.

Get the expert guidance, soulful support + tested roadmap to

Start Your Business

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You want to start your own business.

You’ve been thinking about it for a while (maybe a long while).

You have an inkling of what it could be, who it could serve, how it could possibly even change your life.

And you’d really, really love to do it.

And yet, you haven’t.

Maybe the timing hasn’t been right.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

Maybe you’re waiting for the stars to align.

Or maybe you just haven’t had the tools and the confidence to know you can actually do this thing, and make a success of it.

You’re not alone. When I ran The Confidence Challenge recently, I was stunned at how many of the hundreds of women who joined said that the one thing they wanted more than anything, was the confidence to start their own business.

So it got me thinking. How could I best support women with the confidence, strategies and tools they needed to go from dreaming about starting a business, to actually doing it?

I coach dozens of entrepreneurs, small business owners, side hustlers and women in a 9-5 who want to create something for themselves. It’s transformational 1:1 work and it’s incredible. But it’s not always accessible to everyone, and I can’t coach everyone who wants to work with me 1:1.

A group coaching mastermind group is the perfect solution and the ideal opportunity for you to get the confidence and tools you need to finally start your business.

And I’m so excited to bring this offering to you at such an accessible rate (less than the investment of one 1:1 coaching session).

Imagine being the owner of your very own business? Being in charge of your destiny, unleashing your creativity, stepping into your power as a business owner?

I can tell you there is nothing better, and I want to help you bring your dream to life. 

It’s time. It’s time to take your idea from concept to creation in a powerful, safe, supportive environment.

5 weeks of expert teaching and insightful group coaching to help you build your confidence and your own roadmap so you can bring your business to the world.

Not only that, but the actual processes and tools you need to do it right - the right business, the right plan, the right guidance.

It’s time to do this.

You + me and a group of women who share the same goal as you do - to finally bring your business to life.

Together. We can do this. And I can’t wait to support you.


Program Outline

Start Your Business is a 5 week virtual group coaching program that

gives you the tested roadmap, the tools and the confidence to start your own business.

Tuesday November 12 - Tuesday December 10.

Here is how our journey together unfolds:


On registration:

Congratulations and welcome! You have taken a massive step toward your dream of starting your own business! It’s no longer just an idea swirling around in your head. You’ve taken action. I am so excited for you!

Complete the questionnaire: Once you register you will be sent an intake questionnaire to help you get crystal clear on your goals for our time together.

You will complete this and send back to me before our first class, so I can get to know you and ensure your needs are fully supported during our time together.

Join the mastermind: One week before our first class, you will join our private group mastermind community and introduce yourself to the women in the community.

Mark the dates: Our program runs from Tuesday November 12 through to Tuesday December 10 inclusive.

Masterclasses and coaching sessions: Live masterclass and coaching sessions will take place weekly, at 12 Noon AEDT each Tuesday for 5 weeks - and run for 90 minutes (if we have more people or more questions, we may go for two hours).

You do not need to attend live if it’s not possible. All sessions will be recorded and you will have lifetime access.


Starting Your Business:

You will be expertly guided through the following content in the live masterclass and coaching sessions:

> How to start the right business (and make sure it’s viable)

> Creating clarity for your vision, your mission and your why

> The difference between a good hobby and a great business

> Knowing your market, customers and clients and what you really need to know about your ‘avatar’

> Designing your offerings/products and creating an offering portfolio

> Finding the right clients for your services/products

> Understanding pricing, how to price effectively and common mistakes new business owners make

> How to manage your money to maximise your profit and what to spend it on (and what not to)

> The only type of business plan you need and how to create it

> The metrics that matter in your startup and the ones that most definitely do not

> What you need to know about branding, marketing, websites, platform and social

> What you absolutely must focus on, and the things that will derail your success if you get distracted by them

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Managing You:

Just as important as building your business the right way, is learning how to manage yourself for success. We will also cover these critical areas and build these skills:

> Building the right mindset and belief

> Creating the radical confidence you need

> Developing the grit and grace to be successful

> Getting the right support

> Finding the flow, and leaving the hustle

> Balance, wellbeing and keeping it sacred

Insider Insights: You will also get loads of real life examples from businesses I have run, startups I’ve built, clients I’ve coached - the insights and experience that make all the difference.

Program Schedule

Registration is now open. Please enrol below to secure your place.

All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

It’s totally fine if you can’t attend the calls live, as recordings will be sent out.

You can submit your questions for the coaching calls and I will answer them live and you can listen in on the recording.


Week One Coaching Call - Tuesday 12 November 12 noon

Week Two Coaching Call - Tuesday 19 November 12 noon

Week Three Coaching Call - Tuesday 26 November 12 noon

Week Four Coaching Call - Tuesday 3 December 12 noon

Week Five Coaching Call - Tuesday 10 December 12 noon

Join Now

You could work with me 1:1 and invest thousands of dollars. The results are epic.

But I don’t always have space for everyone, and potential clients don’t always have the budget.

This is the next best thing - because you get incredible support, expert guidance and a community of like

minded/hearted women who are the same path. The lessons in the collective are absolutely incredible. It never ceases to amaze me.

This is your time. Join now.

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Meet Megan Dalla-Camina

Hello! I’m a women’s mentor, coach, speaker, founder and best selling author. I’ve been in business in some form for more than 30 years. I’ve covered it all - starting in small creative businesses, working for 18 years in corporate America, being an award winning marketing director, heading strategy for a 5 Billion tech company, being a founder an entrepreneur of my own companies and a business strategist and coach to dozens of new business owners and entrepreneurs in all stages of their business.

I know what it takes to start a viable and heart centred business, and what it takes to make it successful (on your own terms). I know the mistakes new business owners make, how to avoid them, and the strategies that make the difference between struggling, stress and heartache, and thriving business success.

Most importantly, I’m as passionate about you achieving your dreams as you are, and I’m not only the kick ass strategist and coach you need, but the wildly supportive cheer leader you want in your business right along side you.

I can’t wait for you to experience this kind of love, support and strategic guidance in your business and life.


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