Empowerment: The Complete Collection


The antidote to fear

Fear is a contraction. Fear wants you to stay stuck. It wants you to think about all of your mistakes, the skills you don’t think you have, the reasons your ego tells you shouldn’t take the next right step. Fear wants to strip you of any self confidence you have, because it knows that you

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when you're ready

You’ll do it when you’re ready

Rose came to me for coaching a few years ago. She was a burnt out marketing executive struggling to keep up with the demands of her job. In truth, the passion had completely run out of her. As we began working together, I could see that beneath the greyness that had become her working life,

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radical move

What would a radical move look like?

Think radical. Off the charts. Exciting but perhaps mildly terrifying. A definite game changer. What would it look like? Is it something completely unexpected, or perhaps something you have been quietly dreaming about for some time? Feel into it. We don’t often make radical moves. Mostly we skim around the edges. If we want to

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You can let it go

Stick with it. Tough it out. Dig in. Dig deeper. Go the distance. Play to win. Race to the finish. Get it done. Hustle ’till it hurts. We’re told in a thousand different ways to hang in there, never to quit, to always keep going no matter what. Even when it no longer serves us.

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Don't stop in the middle

Don’t stop in the middle

You’re ready to give up. To quit. To put it back in the box that it came from. You’re tired. Dejected. Frustrated. It’s just not coming together as fast or as easily as you had planned for. ‘Why aren’t I there yet?’ is a phase on an endless loop in your brain. This is nothing

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earn your worth

You can’t earn your worth with busyness

In my late twenties I worked for a global professional services firm. I was the marketing director, with a small team, working for the managing partner. Every day it felt like I was hustling to prove my worthiness. Working all the hours, always being on, being the last one in the office or online each

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