Simple Soulful Sacred


A woman’s guide to clarity, comfort and coming home to herself 

If you’re searching for clarity and meaning.
If you long for simplicity and comfort.
If you want to live with passion, purpose and power.
If you’re ready to live a more lit up life.

Then Simple Soulful Sacred, from best selling author Megan Dalla-Camina, is for you.
Welcome to the journey.

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“The book to help you rise” Rebecca Campbell   |   “A heartfelt offering” Elena Brower

“The bible for women” Lisa Messenger | “A brilliant roadmap” Kelly Noonan Gores


How glorious it is to be a woman, in all of our complexity, wisdom and radiance.

It’s such a gift, our womanhood, to be witnessed, treasured and honoured.

But let’s be honest: somedays it’s not easy being a woman.

Our lives are complicated, and they can be furiously fast and busy. 

We can lose ourselves amongst the juggle of everything on our to-do lists: our work, family, children if we have them and the busyness of our lives. We can also lose touch with the woman we long to be, and lose sight of the dreams we once held for our life.

Too many of us feel frazzled, rushed, over loaded and burnt out. We may want to live a happy, fulfilled life, but it can seem all too hard. We want to do purposeful work in the world, but it gets lost in the mix of our endless days. 

We’d love to make a greater contribution, but have our hands full just doing what’s in front of us. And we long to be vibrantly well, but even that can feel like an impossible goal.

So many of us want to be living, working, loving and leading in our feminine power, sovereign women with agency over our own lives. But in a crazy world and with so much to do, where would we even start?

Let’s start here, together.

This book is for any woman who is ready for more for her life. 

In soul nourishing chapters, we explore themes of simplicity, livelihood, wellbeing, comfort, soulfulness, consciousness, courage, sacredness, womanhood and sovereignty. 

It’s been lovingly written for you, a woman who is ready. 

Ready for more clarity, time, space, freedom, alignment, abundance, passion, purpose, joy, hope, meaning, creativity, truth, awakening, love, connection, inspiration, activation, softness, power, radiance, spirituality, magic.

Ready for more connection to what’s important. 

More reverence for what’s sacred. 

More clarity on what it means to be a woman today. And how to finally redefine womanhood, and success, for yourself. 

Because we’re ready. Ready to find our voices, speak our truth and own our power. Our feminine power.

Because whilst the feminine may have been disowned and devalued for centuries, we are so done with that story now. 

Welcome to your Simple Soulful Sacred journey. 

It’s your trusted guidebook for creating a more intentional life. 

And it’s the permission slip you've been waiting for.


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Simple Soulful Sacred is an irresistible invitation to lead a more meaningful, purposeful and soul aligned life. Megan lights the path for women to get clear on what they truly want, own their feminine power and claim what’s sacred in their lives. Her wisdom has the power to not only validate women’s struggles, but to heal all that is in need of love, comfort and awakening. Importantly, Megan guides women to know and trust themselves. In a world that still tells women who to be and what to think, this is profound guidance. Simple Soulful Sacred is a powerful permission slip for women to live the life of their creation. Read it and share it with everyone woman you know.

Rebecca Van Leeuwen,

Founder, Soul Sister Circle


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Megan Dalla-Camina


Megan Dalla-Camina is a best selling author, women’s mentor, founder and speaker dedicated to helping women rise. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Megan’s unique fusion of knowledge and experience empowers women to see what’s possible for their work and lives in a holistic, purposeful way.

She is the CoFounder/CEO of Lead Like A Woman, an award winning leadership company supporting women to live and lead with authenticity and confidence; Founder and Creator of Sacred Living Co, a platform for women who are seeking more simple, soulful ways to be in the world; and Founder and Creator of Sacred Essentials Co, a wellness and essential oils business.

Her work has been called ‘refreshing’ by Naomi Wolf, ‘inspiring’ by Elle Magazine and she’s been named ‘the voice of now’ by the Amplify Festival. A former executive, business strategist and leadership expert for some of the world’s most innovative companies, Megan now travels the world speaking, writing and teaching on women’s empowerment, leadership, entrepreneurship and wellbeing.

You can connect with Megan on social media, particularly Instagram @megandallacamina, and she writes weekly at on Love, Wisdom and Tools for Rising.