Wellbeing: The Complete Collection

breathing practice

Holding your breath

Breathing. It’s the most natural motion in the world. We do it without thinking about it, and of course, stating the absolute obvious, we must do it to survive. And yet, if you get really conscious with your breath throughout the day, you will no doubt experience multiple periods where you are in fact holding

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Father's daughters

Father’s daughters

Disowning the feminine and aligning with the masculine shows up in our lives in many ways. Cloaking ourselves in the armour of masculinity. Seeking validation, approval and recognition from the masculine, represented as the individual and collective father. Striving for external success. Using that outward success as our barometer of self-worth. Bypassing what we deem

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don't quit

Rest, don’t quit

Tiredness. We all feel it. Sometimes we’re tired at the end of a long day. Sometimes we haven’t slept well and struggle to get through our to-do list. And sometimes, we feel that kind of world weary tiredness, right down into our bones. The tiredness that makes it hard to wind down, fall asleep, to

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Slowing yourself down

Slowing down

There’s an epidemic amongst modern women. My colleague, author and nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver, calls it ‘rushing women’s syndrome’ and if you tune in, you might discover that you have fallen prey to it as well. We often don’t realize just how fast we are living our lives, how much we rush everyday, or

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feminine betrayal

The feminine betrayal

Maureen Murdock, in the opening lines of The Heroine’s Journey: Women’s Quest for Wholeness, writes about her work as a therapist. She details the cry of dissatisfaction with the outward success she saw from women, particularly those between the ages of thirty and fifty. That the dissatisfaction would often show up as a feeling of

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Gloria Steinem

That night at Gloria Steinem

I’d been waiting months for this night to come. Gloria Steinem, the iconic writer, feminist activist, trailblazer and change maker was speaking, and I was going to be there. I had followed her work for as long as I could remember, especially in the years I conducted early parts of my PhD research. I was

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