Radical Confidence

Get the confidence you need, to live the life you want


have you ever….

  • Held yourself back from an opportunity because your inner critic told you that you weren’t capable?

  • Agonised over what to say, how to say it, when to speak up or how your words would be judged?

  • Felt paralysed by imposter syndrome, thinking that your accomplishments and achievements weren’t good enough?

  • Been overly worried about what other people will think about you?

  • Made decisions based on what you ‘should’ do rather than what you want to do?

  • Stayed stuck in a role or relationship you no longer wanted to be in because you were scared of taking a step forward?

  • Waited for someone to give you the permission to finally live the life you want to live?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these scenarios, please know that you’re not alone.

Millions of women feel like this every single day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


you can learn the tools to overcome your self doubt and fears of failure.

You can create real, positive change in your life.

You can build real confidence.


But we’re not talking about just any kind of confidence here.

This isn’t about faking it ‘till you make it.

It’s not about just striking a wonder woman pose (although go for it if it helps).

And it’s not about psyching yourself up with adrenaline fuelled pep talks to get you through the latest drama/toxic boss/client issue.

This is about a type of confidence that comes from a deeper place.

A place inside of you that has remembered how incredible you are. That knows your gifts, talents, strengths, values. That lives in alignment with these inner aspects and with your beliefs.

A confidence that is always with you, regardless of what’s going on around you.

A confidence that will support and enable you to do anything, be anything, create anything and live everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

It’s a type of confidence that comes from a deep inner knowing of how miraculous you truly are, what you have to offer the world and how you want to show up in it.

It comes from your soul. It’s sacred, because you are sacred, and it’s time that you remembered.

If you’re ready to let go of self doubt, step into your power, and open up to the possibilities for your life, it’s here for the taking.

Self doubt is very real. So is fear. But letting it stop you from living your dreams? That’s a choice. And you can make a more empowered one.

Welcome. It’s time to go deeper. It’s time to get radical.

Radical Confidence

A masterclass + group coaching program for women who are ready for more.

A journey backed by science, tapped into spirit and grounded in experience.

A powerful journey to radical confidence.



I’m so pleased you’re here.

I’m Megan Dalla-Camina, and I am deeply passionate about helping you see how amazing you are, know the truth that lies inside of you, and live your entire life from that soul aligned, powerful place.

That may seem like a distant dream from where you are today. But if you intuitively know that your levels of self belief and confidence are holding you back from the career, business or life that you know you are capable of leading, then this coaching journey is for you.

I’ve helped thousands of women get the confidence they long for. And I want that for you, too. You deserve it. And you’re worth it. Everything is possible when you have the right expert guidance and soulful support. When you’re brave enough to go deeper, find clarity, know your strengths and develop radical self belief. And it can all be done with grace, ease and a sense of comfort to support the journey.

It’s my honour to invite you into a journey toward radical confidence.

The Program Outline

Radical Confidence is a ten week virtual group coaching program that teaches you the tools and gives you the support,

to finally break free from your limiting beliefs, overcome self doubt and become your most confident self.


Here’s how our journey together unfolds:

First, secure your place:

If you’re reading this page and nodding that yes, you struggle with confidence and yes, you’re ready to finally have the support and tools to step out of self doubt and create what you want for your life, then I’d love to have you in this unique coaching program. You can register below under Join Now. There are a limited number of places in this program, and a number of them have already been taken. Please don’t delay. If you have questions, please email me and we can set up a call to discuss.

On registration:

Congratulations and welcome! You have taken a massive step toward your dream of becoming your most confident self. Taking action is a significant step forward. I am so excited for you!

Complete the questionnaire: Once you register you will be sent an intake questionnaire to help you get crystal clear on where you’re at, your current struggles around self belief and your confidence challenges.

You will have the opportunity to complete this and send it back to me before our first class, so I can get to know you and ensure your needs are fully supported during our time together. As my private clients tell me, they’ve never experienced this level of support, and I can’t wait for you to experience it here.

Join the mastermind: One week before our first class, you will join our private group mastermind community and introduce yourself to the women in the community.


And then we begin….

Our journey commences on Monday September 30th with our first group masterclass session. Each of the 8 masterclasses will be a mix of teaching unique, expert content by myself, and interactive coaching, questions and discussion. You do not have to attend live if you are unable, as everything will be recorded and shared within 24 hours after the call. You can also send in your questions prior to ensure I can answer them for you live, or have them answered post the call in the mastermind group.

We will have a 90 minute group masterclass/coaching session on the following dates. All sessions start at Noon AEST:

Monday 30th September

Monday 7th October

Monday 14th October

Monday 21st October

Two week intermission

Monday 11th November

Monday 18th November

Monday 25th November

Monday 2nd December


Our journey of discovery….

Through my decades of research and practice in the science and spirit of true confidence, I know that this is not a linear path. It’s not prescriptive, even though there are programmatic elements that must be worked through. And it’s a deep journey, that unfolds best when traveled with grace, ease and soulful support.

I will teach expert content, facilitate soulful coaching conversations, and intuitively guide us to meet the needs of every woman in the group, as well as the collective.

Topics throughout the ten weeks of the program will include, but not be limited to, the following:

- Understanding the science and spirit of confidence, self belief + imposter syndrome (and the myths that hold us back)

- Developing a mindset that supports and builds your confidence

- Unpacking the stories and beliefs that keep you stuck, and how to manage them so they will never derail you again (including pinpointing your triggers and levers)

- Developing the clarity of vision for who you are and what you are here for (including purpose, values and alignment)

- How to get unstuck - and what being stuck is actually telling you about your confidence and your life

- Developing aligned action plans rooted in confidence + self belief

- Knowing and using your unique strengths to build true confidence

- Radical self care and so much more.

Expert guidance + soulful support -

on a whole new level


Science. Spirit. Experience.

On this journey you will be expertly guided and soulfully supported by me, Megan Dalla-Camina, a global thought leader, author and expert in helping women create a soul level confidence and self belief. I bring to you my decades of experience as a women’s mentor, coach, expert in women’s development, confidence and mindset; my years working with women in a 1:1 capacity; and my experience as a teacher in leadership, confidence and personal development globally.

I also bring my academic and credentials of two Masters degrees and PhD research - more than a decade of study in business, leadership, gender science, women’s studies, feminine power, wellbeing, mindset, confidence, positive psychology, neurobiology and more.

I fuse that research with my knowledge and experience of how to help women like you work through challenges with self belief, and apply the science of confidence into real, tangible tools and strategies so that you can move forward in practical ways that have dramatic and sustainable results.

And all of this is supported with deep soulful connection, a reverence for what’s sacred, and an energetic container that supports you to go deep into your own journey, get clarity on what’s really holding you back (it may be nothing like what you think it is) and create an intentional pathway forward.

It’s time to get radical.

You will finally have the tools to stand in your power as a woman,

with a deep confidence and belief in who you are,

what you are here for and how to create the life you truly want.

This work is gentle yet powerful.

It will awaken and transform you.

Finish this year with clarity and confidence and start 2020 with grace and ease.

This is your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in a specific type of role or run my own business to be part of this program?

No not at all. The core concepts of the program will give you the expert guidance and soulful support you need to understand the science and spirit of true confidence,

and learn the tools that will support you to be radically confident - no matter what your personal situation is. Any specific questions you have about your personal

situation, business or role can be answered in the coaching calls. Megan will ensure you receive all the support you need.

I feel nervous, I’ve never been part of a group coaching experience.

We understand completely. But please trust us, you are safe here. Megan takes the utmost care with every single person she works with. And there is

something so special about being part of a small group of like minded and open hearted women who have come together to create real change.

Every group experience Megan runs has its own kind of magic, and this group will be no different. You will fit right in, and be so welcome. Join us.

I’m not sure if my confidence issues are big enough for me to be in this program (but I could sure use some support)…

If you have read this far about the program, then it’s clearly resonating with you, even if you can’t quite put your finger on why. Send us an email

at info@megandallacamina.com and Megan can further clarify for you whether it’s right for you (we suspect that it is, or you wouldn’t be asking!)

What if I can’t join the calls live?

All of the masterclasses and coaching sessions will be recorded. If you can’t join live, you will have access to the recordings 24-48 hours after the session.

You can send in any questions you have and Megan will answer them on the call and you can listen back to the recording. Easy! You will also

have lifetime access to the materials from this program, so you can go at your own pace as much as you need to.

I’d love to do the course, but I’m not quite ready. Will the program be happening again soon?

Due to Megan’s schedule, there are no set plans to run this program again at this time. As you have lifetime access to the masterclasses, materials and coaching calls,

we highly recommend you join the program now, and then access or come back to the materials as you are ready.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes there is! We want this to be as accessible as possible. You can either pay in one upfront payment, or split the investment across three payments.

Can I get 1:1 support from Megan during the program?

This is a group program, so all support is as part of that group. Megan will address specific coaching questions that you may have and always

makes sure that every question is answered thoroughly so that you get what you need. Participants will get priority to book 1:1 private coaching with

Megan at a reduced rate if you so choose.

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1 payment of


Join Now
(save 10% in finance fees)

3 payments of


Join Now
(1st payment now, second in 3 weeks, final 3 weeks later)