Sovereignty: The Complete Collection

who was i before

Who were you before?

Who were you before the world told you who to be? Before you were labeled, shamed, and crafted into who the world, society, your parents, wanted you to be? Can you remember? I was a bright, talkative, creative child. From an early age I never wanted to do anything other than perform. Dance classes, elocution

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Trust your wisdom

Trust your own wisdom

I grew up asking questions. Mostly, I grew up seeking opinions. I remember in my teens never making a decision unless I had canvassed the opinion of all my friends, male and female, to see which action I should take next. Should I go to this drama school? Should I smoke the weed? Is this

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Because I can

I was at a Stevie Nicks concert, on the ‘Story’ tour. Stevie told her team and the concert producers that she was going to do things differently this time. She was going to tell lots of stories in between the songs. They told her she couldn’t do that, that no one would be interested. “Yes,

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feminine power

Softening into feminine power

Sarah is in her mid thirties and works in a manufacturing business. She came to me two years ago because she wanted to step more into her feminine traits. These weren’t the words she used to describe her struggles, as they rarely are. She said she was feeling exhausted, having marriage issues, struggling to feel

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Your power is real

You are much more powerful than you know. And you give your power away in so many ways that you don’t even realize. When you say sorry without needing to. When you say yes when you desperately want to say no. When you take on the extra work when you have a full load. When

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Create agency over your life

I was at the beach yesterday. I’d just been for a walk in the morning Winter sun, and had gone to sit amongst the trees at the far end of the beach for some solitude and meditation. As I was lingering amongst the hundred year old trees before finding my seat, an older woman and

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