Wellbeing: The Complete Collection

don't quit

Rest, don’t quit

Tiredness. We all feel it. Sometimes we’re tired at the end of a long day. Sometimes we haven’t slept well and struggle to get through our to-do list. And sometimes, we feel that kind of world weary tiredness, right down into our bones. The tiredness that makes it hard to wind down, fall asleep, to

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Slowing yourself down

Slowing down

There’s an epidemic amongst modern women. My colleague, author and nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver, calls it ‘rushing women’s syndrome’ and if you tune in, you might discover that you have fallen prey to it as well. We often don’t realize just how fast we are living our lives, how much we rush everyday, or

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own healing

We must participate in our own healing

We want it done for us. The seven steps, the quick fix, the magic pill. Someone to not just tell us what to do or how to do it, but to actually do it for us. We just want it to be easy. But often it isn’t. We have to participate in our own healing.

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You can let it go

Stick with it. Tough it out. Dig in. Dig deeper. Go the distance. Play to win. Race to the finish. Get it done. Hustle ’till it hurts. We’re told in a thousand different ways to hang in there, never to quit, to always keep going no matter what. Even when it no longer serves us.

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Sit with your discomfort

I’m staring at the blank screen. Waiting for the words to come. Waiting. I reach for my iPhone to scroll through Instagram, lying to myself that it will fuel my creativity. Realizing that I left my phone in another room to save the distraction, and not being able to be bothered getting up to retrieve

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body doesn't lie

Your body doesn’t lie

That knot in your stomach as you walk into the meeting. The clenching of your teeth as you fight back the words you really want to say. The throbbing in your head as you think about your workload. The churning in your gut when that friend calls who you really don’t want to talk to.

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