Womanhood: The Complete Collection

Let’s tell the truth about our lives

If women told the truth about their lives, the world would shake. We would wake up. We would all recognize that we really are in this together, this life we are all trying to thrive (survive) through. That none of us is perfect and thank goodness we can stop pretending that we are. That the

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We are all mothers

“Do you have kids?” It’s a question that can invoke pride, love, or identity for those women who have children. And it’s a question that can invoke pain, longing, suffering-anger even-for those women, and those who identify as women, who have chosen not to, or not been able to, have children of their own. We

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Softening into feminine power

Sarah is in her mid thirties and works in a manufacturing business. She came to me two years ago because she wanted to step more into her feminine traits. These weren’t the words she used to describe her struggles, as they rarely are. She said she was feeling exhausted, having marriage issues, struggling to feel

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Women’s paths are different

We have long known about the Hero’s Journey, whether we’ve called it that or not. The concept was developed by Joseph Campbell, who was an American Professor of Literature working in comparative mythology and religion, most well-known for his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949). In this book, he shared his theory of

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Take up more space

As little girls we are taught how to play small: be quiet, be nice to your brother, don’t speak too loudly, do as we are told. As we grow and develop, some of us rebel, but most of us have deeply buried in our subconscious the need to conform, to comply, to fit in wherever

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Welcome to the club

Welcome to the club. The motherhood club. We come into it from all different places, walks of life, at different ages, with varying expectations. Full of hope, perhaps anxiety, some excitement for what is to come. And many of us eagerly look forward to becoming part of a community of mothers, who are all going

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Renee Zellweger’s ‘lost decade’? No, she just reclaimed her life.

In a feature interview for New York Magazine with the headline “Hollywood almost broke Renee. Now she’s back” she shared in detail exactly what happened, why she took a step not just back, but out of the limelight, an d what was really going on for her at the time. Did she lose a decade

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Seeking the feminine

For a long time in my life I was deeply out of touch with the feminine. You could see it as soon as you looked at me. Whilst I may have seemed feminine at first glance by my hair and how I dressed, a closer look would reveal my hard edges, sharp corners and icy

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Redefine what’s beautiful

Beauty has always been an interesting topic for me, and I know I’m not alone. I was 13 when I received my first real makeup kit. I’d been having makeup applied since I was three, as I was a dancer and on stage from a young age. But this was special. It was mine. I

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Be too much

How often in a day do you dumb yourself down? How many times in a week do you dim your light, so that you can shine less brightly? How many times in your life have you been told that you’re ‘just a bit too much,’ and that you need to bring it down a notch?

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