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Energy clearing

Energy clearing

What you are reacting to is energy. Even though we can’t physically see it, energy is everywhere. Everything is, literally, energy. And the more you learn to tune in to yourself, raise your vibration and move forward on your spiritual and personal development path, the more sensitive you will become to others’ energy. Learning how

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Sit with your discomfort

I’m staring at the blank screen. Waiting for the words to come. Waiting. I reach for my iPhone to scroll through Instagram, lying to myself that it will fuel my creativity. Realizing that I left my phone in another room to save the distraction, and not being able to be bothered getting up to retrieve

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body doesn't lie

Your body doesn’t lie

That knot in your stomach as you walk into the meeting. The clenching of your teeth as you fight back the words you really want to say. The throbbing in your head as you think about your workload. The churning in your gut when that friend calls who you really don’t want to talk to.

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myth of meditation

The myth of meditation

All of that is true. And then they say this: All of your thoughts will disappear from your mind. This is when your ears prick up like they do when you hear a lie. You tried to meditate once or twice. You sat in an awkward cross-legged position on the floor. You set your timer.

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Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger’s ‘lost decade’? No, she just reclaimed her life.

In a feature interview for New York Magazine with the headline “Hollywood almost broke Renee. Now she’s back” she shared in detail exactly what happened, why she took a step not just back, but out of the limelight, an d what was really going on for her at the time. Did she lose a decade

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woman’s path

A woman’s path to healing

Through sharing her own stories, and weaving them through her insightful teachings, she illuminates the ancient philosophy of the Vedas and how we can adapt them into our lives as modern women. “On the path of practice, we adopt the belief that disease happens from within, and so must any cure. We decide that any

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