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Your next moment is unprecedented

It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter who you were last week, last month, last year or last decade. It doesn’t matter what school you went to, who your friends are, how nice your parents were, or who your boss is. Your past is over. None of it matters now. What matters

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when you're ready

You’ll do it when you’re ready

Rose came to me for coaching a few years ago. She was a burnt out marketing executive struggling to keep up with the demands of her job. In truth, the passion had completely run out of her. As we began working together, I could see that beneath the greyness that had become her working life,

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What would it look like if it were easy

What would it look like if it were easy?

What would it look like if it were easy? That thing you have been putting off because you think it’s going to be too hard. The work project you don’t want to start because you’re terrified it will be a struggle like the last one. The conversation you’re dreading with your partner because it’s going

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The spaces between

The spaces between

There are spaces between the moments. Between successes. Between relationships. Between projects. Between purposes. The time seems endless. You can feel the restlessness. You want to move, to plan, to do the doing that will get you to the next place, the next phase. To keep up with the endlessness, and prove that you’re still

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strive for less

You can strive for less

What would it feel like to strive for less, instead of more? You may need to sit with this one for a few moments. We are socially programmed to always want more. More money. A better job with a bigger title. A bigger business. A newer car. A larger house. The newest fashion in our

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breathing practice

Holding your breath

Breathing. It’s the most natural motion in the world. We do it without thinking about it, and of course, stating the absolute obvious, we must do it to survive. And yet, if you get really conscious with your breath throughout the day, you will no doubt experience multiple periods where you are in fact holding

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don't quit

Rest, don’t quit

Tiredness. We all feel it. Sometimes we’re tired at the end of a long day. Sometimes we haven’t slept well and struggle to get through our to-do list. And sometimes, we feel that kind of world weary tiredness, right down into our bones. The tiredness that makes it hard to wind down, fall asleep, to

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Slowing yourself down

Slowing down

There’s an epidemic amongst modern women. My colleague, author and nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver, calls it ‘rushing women’s syndrome’ and if you tune in, you might discover that you have fallen prey to it as well. We often don’t realize just how fast we are living our lives, how much we rush everyday, or

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own healing

We must participate in our own healing

We want it done for us. The seven steps, the quick fix, the magic pill. Someone to not just tell us what to do or how to do it, but to actually do it for us. We just want it to be easy. But often it isn’t. We have to participate in our own healing.

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You can let it go

Stick with it. Tough it out. Dig in. Dig deeper. Go the distance. Play to win. Race to the finish. Get it done. Hustle ’till it hurts. We’re told in a thousand different ways to hang in there, never to quit, to always keep going no matter what. Even when it no longer serves us.

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