Livelihood: The Complete Collection

Is this success?

How do you define success? In this very moment, considering your work and career, would you call yourself successful? Whether you answered yes or no, what were the measurements that you used? What’s on your checklist for how successful you deem yourself to be? Many of us are striving for success and yet we don’t

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Follow the breadcrumbs

A decade before I wrote my first book, I was walking around the streets of New York. I’d gotten lost in the back streets of SOHO and was meandering along my way when I came across a big bookstore. In the large window display was a range of books on how to be a non-fiction

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Want to quit your job and start a business? Read this first.

So many women are ready for something else. They’re ready to step into their own business. They’re ready to go into a business partnership. They want to go and write a book, do more study, or they have been dreaming for a very long time (like I was) about what’s next. I see a lot

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Speak truth to power

Rachel was sitting in her boss’s office. A mid level manager doing great things in her company, and with an impeccable reputation, an issue had arisen. One of her team had made a complaint about her. It was a pretty serious complaint detailing how this person thought she misbehaved as a manager and listing pages

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Writing to Share