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Redefining leadership

Tenants of traditional leadership stem from a militaristic approach, a patriarchal structure and a mindset of succeed and win at all costs. And it’s very much about taking care of yourself, protection, and having your own back. At the same time, feminine qualities and traits have had no place in leadership models, and certainly no

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Embracing your feminine traits in leadership

How would the leadership of our companies, governments and communities change if people – especially women – were enabled and encouraged to embrace the philosophy that who you are is how you lead, and all leadership styles are welcomed and celebrated? For so long we have been leading only in the masculine. It’s what our

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feminine power

Disowning the feminine

In order to make our way in the world, many of us as women feel that we need to distance ourselves from aspects of the feminine such as being too emotional or passive, as they’ve been labeled as negative traits and a barrier to success for women in the masculine dominated workforce. Being a feminine

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Oprah Winfrey

Go out like a comet

One of my favorite episodes of Super Soul Sunday is the interview between Oprah Winfrey and Jean Houston. I must have listened to it at least half a dozen times. They discuss many things, most notably consciousness, being a woman, the state of the world, purpose, the hero and heroine’s journey, ageing and fulfilling their

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when you're ready

You’ll do it when you’re ready

Rose came to me for coaching a few years ago. She was a burnt out marketing executive struggling to keep up with the demands of her job. In truth, the passion had completely run out of her. As we began working together, I could see that beneath the greyness that had become her working life,

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radical move

What would a radical move look like?

Think radical. Off the charts. Exciting but perhaps mildly terrifying. A definite game changer. What would it look like? Is it something completely unexpected, or perhaps something you have been quietly dreaming about for some time? Feel into it. We don’t often make radical moves. Mostly we skim around the edges. If we want to

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Don't stop in the middle

Don’t stop in the middle

You’re ready to give up. To quit. To put it back in the box that it came from. You’re tired. Dejected. Frustrated. It’s just not coming together as fast or as easily as you had planned for. ‘Why aren’t I there yet?’ is a phase on an endless loop in your brain. This is nothing

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earn your worth

You can’t earn your worth with busyness

In my late twenties I worked for a global professional services firm. I was the marketing director, with a small team, working for the managing partner. Every day it felt like I was hustling to prove my worthiness. Working all the hours, always being on, being the last one in the office or online each

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your purpose

Two questions on purpose

I was listening to Chase Jarvis on his podcast the other morning while out for my walk. He was talking about creativity and entrepreneurship, but for me he distilled down a whole lot of thinking around career, passion pursuits and purpose into these two questions: What do you care about? How can you become masterful

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PhD I didn't need

The PhD I didn’t need

I was in Philadelphia with my PhD Professor, about to discuss the fourth version of my dissertation outline. As I tentatively held my breath waiting for her comments, she looked at me with a stern kindness. “Megan, this is a very good dissertation outline. Your early research is sound. You can absolutely write this paper

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