Encouragement: The Complete Collection

The spaces between

There are spaces between the moments. Between successes. Between relationships. Between projects. Between purposes. The time seems endless. You can feel the restlessness. You want to move, to plan, to do the doing that will get you to the next place, the next phase. To keep up with the endlessness, and prove that you’re still

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Creating space

A woman is sitting in front of her therapist. Georgia came to see him desperately seeking a relationship. After many sessions, the therapist asked her what space she had created for this new relationship to come into her life. “Have you cleared out part of your wardrobe?” he asked. “What for?” Georgia questioned. “For the

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You can strive for less

What would it feel like to strive for less, instead of more? You may need to sit with this one for a few moments. We are socially programmed to always want more. More money. A better job with a bigger title. A bigger business. A newer car. A larger house. The newest fashion in our

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What would a radical move look like?

Think radical. Off the charts. Exciting but perhaps mildly terrifying. A definite game changer. What would it look like? Is it something completely unexpected, or perhaps something you have been quietly dreaming about for some time? Feel into it. We don’t often make radical moves. Mostly we skim around the edges. If we want to

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Make your art

You are an artist. No I’m not. I can’t paint. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I’m not creative. I don’t write. I don’t play. I don’t…..write down the resistance filled blank here. But this is not just what art is. Art is creation. Art is thinking outside the box. Or destroying

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Everything is progress

Sometimes we feel like only the big steps matter. That only when we achieve a major milestone are we actually moving forward. But in truth, every single thing you do is progress. The smallest thing you ticked off your to do list today is inching you closer to your goal. And whenever you are being

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See what’s possible

Picture this: A woman sits in front of me. She is amazing, but doesn’t fully realize it. We start talking. She has come to see me for coaching because she wants more for her career than what she is experiencing. Secretly, she actually wants more for her life. She feels stuck. Stifled. And more than

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Rejection won’t kill you

It won’t kill you. You think it will. You think that if you ask and you are rejected, it means something bad about you. That you are less than: less than worthy, less than others, just less. So you don’t ask. You choose not to go for it: the job, the client, the project, the

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You can let it go

Stick with it. Tough it out. Dig in. Dig deeper. Go the distance. Play to win. Race to the finish. Get it done. Hustle ’till it hurts. We’re told in a thousand different ways to hang in there, never to quit, to always keep going no matter what. Even when it no longer serves us.

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Writing tips and inspiration (even if you’re not a ‘writer’)

There are the conversations that are full of bold declarations from women who are sure they want to write a book. There are the shy side conversations from women who have a secret yearning to write but have not yet expressed it. And there are the silent ones who follow my work with an inkling

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Writing to Share