Encouragement: The Complete Collection


You can do anything, but not everything

We still talk endlessly about balance or our lack there of. We struggle with the juggle. We are exhausted. In many cases we have thrown our hands up in the air, dropped our heads in despair, and figured that we would just have to settle for this life, unsatisfactory as it feels, because this is

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Your next sacred step

What is that one thing you are yearning to do, if only someone would say that you could and you should? What is your heart and soul longing for? What desire have you squashed so small that it now fits in a ring-sized box and sits in the farthest corner of your mind? What have

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Your next moment is unprecedented

It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter who you were last week, last month, last year or last decade. It doesn’t matter what school you went to, who your friends are, how nice your parents were, or who your boss is. Your past is over. None of it matters now. What matters

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Want to write? 20 thoughts to fuel your fire.

If you want to be a writer, then write. Be consistent and make a commitment to your work. Don’t wait for perfect timing or circumstances to write. You don’t have to go on retreat, lock yourself away or climb a mountain to find space. Steal the moments. 10 minutes is enough to get down some

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Starting a creative project …it’s messy.

Whether it’s starting a new business, developing a strategy, delivering a project or making art, we all have a process, even if we think it looks nothing like one – because processes are meant to be structured and linear and creativity is often anything but. In fact, the creativity process can look something like this:

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Burn the boats

Go to the island, burn the boats

How committed are you to your purpose? How excited are you to do your work in the world? How ready are you to step into your power, to be seen, to really do something meaningful? If you’re nodding and saying yes to yourself, or you feel like you’re even on the outskirts of this vicinity,

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Learning to sta

Learning to stay

I set my timer, which gently chimes at five minute intervals with a double chime at the end. Five minutes passed like it was a few seconds. Then ten minutes. Then fifteen. And then it started. First, just a slight restlessness. Then a growing sense of discomfort. In my knees. In my ankles. An intense

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Find your edge

Find your edge

It’s there. Behind the day to day. Just out of reach of what you know. Beyond what you think you are capable of. Just past your reach. It’s there. Outside your comfort zone. On the outskirts of the circle, way beyond the box. Just past the end of your fingertips even on your farthest reach.

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when you're ready

You’ll do it when you’re ready

Rose came to me for coaching a few years ago. She was a burnt out marketing executive struggling to keep up with the demands of her job. In truth, the passion had completely run out of her. As we began working together, I could see that beneath the greyness that had become her working life,

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What would it look like if it were easy

What would it look like if it were easy?

What would it look like if it were easy? That thing you have been putting off because you think it’s going to be too hard. The work project you don’t want to start because you’re terrified it will be a struggle like the last one. The conversation you’re dreading with your partner because it’s going

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Writing to Share