Empowerment: The Complete Collection


Is that true?

Every day I have women in my community and programs tell me about the situations they find themselves in, the action they wished they’d taken and how they were now stuck and regretted the outcome from their inaction. The first question I always ask them is this: ‘What stories were you telling yourself at the

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Not everyone will see you

We all want to be seen. Not just noticed and glanced upon. But truly seen. Every part of ourselves. Seen for who we truly are. But not everyone will see you. Not everyone will get it. One of the greatest lessons in life is that it’s ok not to be seen. Not every person is

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Be too much

How often in a day do you dumb yourself down? How many times in a week do you dim your light, so that you can shine less brightly? How many times in your life have you been told that you’re ‘just a bit too much,’ and that you need to bring it down a notch?

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Have the courage to quit

You’ve invested years working on a project. So much money, time, energy, passion and tears have gone into it. And yet you just know it’s not working, that it will never be what you had hoped. Do you keep pushing forward, relentlessly trying to make it into something? Maybe. But maybe the smartest and bravest

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The journey to brave

I was on the phone to one of my best friends for a long awaited catch up. We lived in different cities and though we saw each other every few months, it always seemed far too long between visits. Sharing stories back and forth of our recent trials and adventures, there was a common theme

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The permission gap

We all have things that we want to do, dream of doing, or secretly long for. But a lot of those things, big or small, never see the light of day. Take a moment and think about your answer to these questions. Just one minute. Go on, I’ll wait. I’ve always wanted to….. I’ve stopped

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Everything depends on how much you trust

If you just knew. Knew that everything you are working for is going to work out. That it will all come to light in the best possible way. Better than you could even dream of. What would you do? Would you get clearer, try harder, show up more, be bolder? Would you back yourself in

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Lose sight of perfection

It’s one of the greatest things that robs us of our happiness: forever trying to grasp for perfection. Our constant grappling with questions of whether we are enough – strong enough, pretty enough, smart enough, good enough – leaves us with a constant feeling of seeking, never relaxing into our being, like we’re constantly scratching

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What do you want to say?

Gloria Steinem’s book, My Life On The Road, was a revelation to me, for so many reasons. After studying many aspects of feminist history for my early PhD research, being able to read the stories of actual events first hand was like being there, in all of those moments that defined history. As I was

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Why not you?

Sit and think about your biggest, craziest dreams for a moment. Really feel into them: what are you doing? Who are you with? What difference are you making? How does it feel? Now think about all of the stories that just came up right alongside those dreams. I bet they were stories like: that will

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Writing to Share