Empowerment: The Complete Collection


It starts with restlessness

I wonder if it started this way for you, the path to waking up. To realizing that there was something more waiting for you than what you had been told, or seen, or believed. To seeing a glimmer of light in a crack of your life, creating an opening into your womanhood. Perhaps you started

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You can do anything, but not everything

We still talk endlessly about balance or our lack there of. We struggle with the juggle. We are exhausted. In many cases we have thrown our hands up in the air, dropped our heads in despair, and figured that we would just have to settle for this life, unsatisfactory as it feels, because this is

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The antidote to fear

Fear is a contraction. Fear wants you to stay stuck. It wants you to think about all of your mistakes, the skills you don’t think you have, the reasons your ego tells you shouldn’t take the next right step. Fear wants to strip you of any self confidence you have, because it knows that you

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You can let it go

Stick with it. Tough it out. Dig in. Dig deeper. Go the distance. Play to win. Race to the finish. Get it done. Hustle ’till it hurts. We’re told in a thousand different ways to hang in there, never to quit, to always keep going no matter what. Even when it no longer serves us.

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Redefine what’s beautiful

Beauty has always been an interesting topic for me, and I know I’m not alone. I was 13 when I received my first real makeup kit. I’d been having makeup applied since I was three, as I was a dancer and on stage from a young age. But this was special. It was mine. I

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strange world

You are not your numbers

You are not your numbers. Not the number on your paycheck. Or the hourly rate you charge your clients. Not the number of followers you have on social media. Or the number of likes your posts get. Not the amount of money in your bank account. Or the amount of debt you owe. You’re not

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How much pain do you want?

I was hosting an event on finding your purpose. There were about fifty women sitting in a circle together, brought together to have real conversations about things that matter. This question of purpose, calling, doing meaningful work in the world, is one of those conversations. As often happens when women come together with open hearts

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Who do you want to be?

Identity is a strange thing. We have a picture of who we are in the world, or for many of us, who we think we ought to be. Yet often, it doesn’t translate into the vision of who we are as our best selves or who we would like to grow into. More important than

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What empowerment actually means

I was on a new women’s website recently checking out what the coming business was all about. I’m endlessly fascinated with women start ups, especially when they are to do with women’s lives, careers, businesses and empowerment. In the letter from the editor, she stated clearly right up front that this site and business was

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Speak truth to power

Rachel was sitting in her boss’s office. A mid level manager doing great things in her company, and with an impeccable reputation, an issue had arisen. One of her team had made a complaint about her. It was a pretty serious complaint detailing how this person thought she misbehaved as a manager and listing pages

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