You don’t need to have it all


Having it all. Are we over this conversation yet? Let’s say it together: Hell Yes! Aren’t we all so tired of it. You can have it all. You can’t have it all. You can have it all but not at the same time.

How about this: You can have what you are willing to create. IF.

If you’re willing to truly define for yourself what that is.

If you’re prepared to go deep and be honest about it.

If you’re aware enough to realise that you actually don’t need that much to be happy.

If you are willing to acknowledge that at times you will have to compromise and negotiate and make sacrifices (because, you know, this is life).

And if you’re willing to admit that as a somewhat privileged woman with the agency and education to read this, that you likely have more choices than you realise.

Because even if you feel you can’t change your circumstances, you can always change your mindset and how you feel about them.

But also, what about this: you don’t need to have it all, and even the concept of ‘having it all’ may be just a little bit, well, greedy.

Is that a radical thought?

When we see women living in third world countries who can’t feed their children; when we see mothers standing in front of tanks to stop war invasions; we when still live on a planet that refuses to feed starving children or educate girls or stop human trafficking or end religious persecution – doesn’t this conversation seem a little, well, out of touch? Misguided? Overly self absorbed even?

It’s time we realise that for the vast majority of us, we have agency over our lives. That we can make empowered choices. That we can design the lives we want to live.

And this conversation about having it all only distracts us from getting clear and declaring what we truly want our lives to look like.

In the real world. Here and now. That is where our power lies. Let’s focus on that conversation.

Try this:

Write down three things you are most grateful in your life just as it is right now and practice deep and heartfelt gratitude.

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We need to stop worrying about having it all and focus on what we have. And on creating what we want.

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