You are not your numbers

What a strange world. We trade our days for things.
— Atticus

You are not your numbers.

Not the number on your pay check. Or the hourly rate you charge your clients.

Not the number of followers you have on social media. Or the number of likes your posts get.

Not the amount of money in your bank account. Or the size of the debt you owe.

You’re not the number of hours that you work.

Not the number of copies your book has sold.

Or the number of rejections you have ever received.

None of the numbers in your life define you. They don’t define your effort. They don’t define your purpose. They certainly don’t define your worth.

You are so much more than that. What matters is the meaning you bring to your work. The value you bring to those who matter. Working for your highest purpose and greatest service. How much you care. How brave and courageous and kind you can be.

You are defined by your heart. Your soul. Your contribution.

So keep your eye on the prize. And don’t get distracted by the superfluous meaningless chatter only there to distract you from what you are truly here for.


I define my worth.

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