When you’re feeling blue


Let’s face it, we all get a bit down sometimes. For some people it’s seasonal and they can’t seem to shake that sad feeling when it’s cold and dreary outside. For others, it can just hit them out of the blue, for no reason at all. I know what it’s like, I am not immune from it either.

Rather than trying to ignore the feeling, repress it, or distract yourself from it with shopping, drinking or bingeing on cupcakes (yes, guilty), here are some self loving, kind and nurturing options that may help you beat the blues and not have a side serving of guilt and self loathing along with it.

1. Find some sunshine – go sit in the sun for ten minutes and soak up some rays.

2. Do some yoga – some of my favourites for a mood lift are legs up the wall, downward dog, extended childs pose and good old standing forward bend. Throw in a backbend and you are all set.

3. Infuse or massage in some mood enhancing aromatherapy oils like wild orange, frankincense, sandalwood, lemon, bergamot, and trusty lavender.

4. There’s nothing quite like a soak in a bubble bath to make you feel warm and fuzzy, maybe with a favourite Netflix show or relaxing music to keep you company.

5. Enjoy a nice cup of tea, or your favourite coffee, savoured.

6. Curl up with your latest magazine or a good book.

7. Do some gardening if that is your thing. Get your hands stuck in the dirt and connect with the earth.

8. Go for a walk on the beach, or in the country. Hug a tree, put your feet in the salty water, breath in the fresh air.

9. Have a meditation break. Even 5 minutes can make a profound difference.

10. If all else fails, take a nap. Sometimes it really is the best option.

Or you could phone a friend, browse the markets or antique store, make a smoothie or watch your favourite tv show. The point is, having a little rescue kit for moments when you don’t quite feel yourself, is a key part of really looking after and nurturing your self.

Stay well and do what you need to do, to make yourself happy.

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Feeling blue? You're not alone. This will help.

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