When you’re at the end


It’s coming to the end.

Maybe it’s the end of the year. Or the end of the project.

Maybe it’s the end of a relationship, a partnership, the business, the job.

Whatever it is, it’s the end of the runway.

It wouldn’t be unusual if you were feeling a little strange.

Perhaps you have a sense of restlessness. You’re a little uncomfortable in your own skin.

Like an itch you can’t scratch. A longing you can’t name. A feeling of unease.

Or even just…..well just a little bit flat.

It’s ok. Expected. Normal.

It’s just time.

Time to clear the decks. Empty the vessels. Leave the table.

Time to clean out what’s been stored within all of that work, effort, sweat, grind.

Time to release what hasn’t worked. To let go of it, forever.

Time to savour all that has worked. To celebrate it. To be grateful.

Time to get ready to bring in the new. The fresh. The hopeful.

It’s just time.

So if you’re feeling restless, or unsettled, or just flat……know that it’s just that time.

And if it’s not time for you just yet…..then sit tight. Get through. Hold on.

Because your time is coming.

And it’s all going to be ok. Better than ok.

It’s going to beautiful.

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When you're at the end, go easy. Be gentle with yourself.

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Photo Credit : Brooke Cagle


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