What’s your smallest step?


What is the smallest step you could take this week to achieve your dream?

If you were to do one thing that would inch you closer to something you really want, would would it be?

We often start Monday in a slather of to-do lists, lack of sleep from a Sunday night worrying about the week ahead, or just boredom of another week with nothing meaningful to show for it.

Make this week different.

Make it count.

Pick one thing.

Now think about your one thing, and make a plan for it.

For me, this week is going to be about writing. Yes I have to do everything else on my list, of course. But I am going to make time each day to write something. For my new book. For my wonderful readers. To be of service. To unleash my creative potential.

That is my smallest step this week, and somedays it might only be ten minutes. But it’s enough.

What will you do to get you closer to what you want?

Work it out. Make a plan. Take action.

You are so worth it.

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You don't have to take big leaps. The smallest steps matter.

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Photo Credit : Daiga Ellaby


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