What if you were sacred

Do not follow anybody, do not listen to anybody, do not look at anything, don’t hear a thing, don’t worry about anything - all you have to do is find in you your own sacredness.
— Yogi Bhajan

If you knew you were a sacred being, how would you treat yourself? 

What would your life look like? How would your days unfold? 

What work would you be doing? 

Who would you spend your time with? 

What would your self talk sound like? 

How would you take care of yourself? 

How would you spend your time? 

Who would you love? 

Who would you let love you? 

What would you cherish? 

Who would you be? 

If you knew you were sacred. What then? 


I am a sacred being. 

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If you considered yourself sacred, how would you live your life?

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Photo Credit : Timothy Eberly


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