What do you need to be free?

Real freedom is not something to be acquired, it is the outcome of intelligence.
— Jiddu Krishnamurti

What would it take for you to feel free? 

More money, more time, less stress, more support?

Perhaps there’s a better question: how can you create more freedom from where you are right now?

What can you give away, cut out, delegate, say no to, reject?

What can you sell, save or negotiate? 

What does your freedom even look?

Is it a four day work week, being your own boss, having a team to help out?  

Perhaps it’s one morning a week away from the kids, time to yourself to just be. 

Maybe it’s saving up six months salary so you can take that sabbatical.

Freedom is everything.

It’s different for everyone.

And it’s yours for the choosing. 

But first you need to know what your picture looks like.

What landscape you’re viewing.

And then how you might navigate it.  


What do you need? 


I am clear on what freedom looks and feels like for me. 

I create freedom in my life now.  

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What would you need to feel free?

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Photo Credit : Autri Taheri


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