What are you waiting for?


What are you waiting for?

What is that one thing you are yearning to do, if only someone would say that you could and you should?

What is your heart and soul longing for?

What desire have you squashed so small that it now fits in a ring-sized box and sits in the farthest corner of your soul?

What have you given up on because you felt like you didn’t have the one thing you needed to just try and make it happen for yourself?

What are you missing? Have you been waiting for someone to say those magic words to you?

Ok. Here they are.

You have permission.

Permission to follow your dreams.

To be who you really are.

To create something you love. To throw off the shackles.

To leave the man who you know will never love you how you want to be loved.

To take your kid out of that stuffy private school and send him to performing arts college so he can follow his dream.

Permission to quit your job, sell your house and go to Paris to attend culinary school.

To get that tattoo, die your hair pink or write that novel you know is inside you.

Permission to tell the world that you hate your corporate finance role and really want to be a jewelry designer. And to actually go and do it.

Permission to want what you want and be who you are, and have that be ok.

That it’s enough. That you are allowed too. Destined to even.

And to know that you will survive. That you will even have the audacity to thrive.

And here’s the thing that no one tells you in our pre-programmed, life already laid out for you with expectations of who you should be and what you should become existence: You don’t need anyone else to give it to you.

This is your life. Your world. Your creation. And you can do whatever it is you want in this life.

You just to have to say yes.

Yes I want that. Yes I deserve that. And yes I give myself permission to own it.

You don’t need all of the answers. You don’t need to know how the story ends. You just need to have the courage to begin.

Just say yes.

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This is your life. Your world. Your creation. And you can do whatever it is you want. Give yourself permission to say yes.

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Photo Credit : Jack Antal


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