The power of rituals

Simple rituals are a smoke signal to the universe that we are ready to work and play and make some magic.
— Amanda Abigail Peters, Simple Shui

Rituals are one the simplest ways that you can bring the sacred into your every day life. A ritual is an intention, a smoke signal if you will, for the process we are about to embark on. You can have rituals for an endless number of things your life. They can ground you, significantly support your wellbeing, and anchor you in your busy day.

They are a way of bringing mindfulness into aspects of daily life like morning and evening routines, and living life with intention instead of just the rush of busyness. They can also turn an ordinary part of our life into a meaningful and significant sacred practice.  

Rituals help us turn our ordinary life into a beautiful life, and can enhance every aspect of it. One example of a ritual you may consider starting, is a new moon ritual, either alone or with some girlfriends to signify the start of a fresh energetic cycle, set intentions, and call in the new. My yoga teacher Jana holds a new moon circle each month. This is how it unfolds. 

Arrival: There are typically six to eight of us in the group, and we each arrive ten minutes before the official class starting time. We are greeted at the door, and a smudging ceremony with Sage is carried out to clear our energy before we enter the sacred space. We are then met with the gentle smoky scent of Palo Santo to bring in the positive energy. As we enter, we each choose a card from an oracle deck, and place our card, along with a crystal we have brought with us, on our yoga mats.  

The space: The small yoga space is set up with an altar in the middle of the room. On a small rectangle shaped cloth, there are an array of crystals, and a statue of both Saraswati and Lakshmi, along with a single rose in a vase and a candle.  

Sitting in circle: We take our place on our mats, and sit in a small circle. Jana opens the space with an invocation for the energy of the particular moon cycle we are entering into, and she invites us to set our intention. She then passes a small crystal around the circle, always starting to her left, and we each say hello and share anything that is calling to us.  

The practice: Jana leads us through a gentle yoga sequence, with mostly seated asana poses that relax our nervous system, restore us and lead us on the journey inward. As we lay in savasana, Jana walks around and places an essential oil on the bottoms of our feet for grounding, and on our third eye centre for connection. We end the practice with a beautiful meditation to a mantra song. 

Closing the circle: Jana invites us again to share any closing thoughts as we once again pass the crystal around the circle, and we give thanks with our hands in prayer position to each other, to our teacher and to the universal energy that brought us here.  

It’s a beautiful ritual that we share together each month. We also have a similar circle on the eve of the full moon. Both provide us the opportunity, space and community to set our intentions through meaningful ritual. You don’t need to have a group to perform such a ritual, you can do something like this on your own or with one other person. Consider ways you can bring sacred rituals into your life to enhance your connection and intentions. 


I  honour myself and my life with sacred rituals. 

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Rituals are a way of bringing the sacred into your every day.

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