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The real reasons you’re exhausted – and how to fix it

Most of us want more energy. We want to feel more engaged, inspired and alive. Mostly, we just want to have the energy to get through everything on our plate, with some left over for the joyful things we want to do, not just to get through our long list of have to’s.

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Energy clearing

Have you ever walked in to a room and instantly felt like something wasn’t right? You might get a physical sign like the hairs on your arms rise up, or you may get a chill down your spine. Or have you met someone for the first time and had a very strong reaction, disliking them on sight, or wanting to be around them all the time?

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Five ways to get more energy

Last week we started a conversation about energy. In a recent survey I did out to my community, hundreds of women told me that one of the main issues in their life is lack of energy. And let’s face, many women are just flat out exhausted.

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