Stop becoming. Start being.



noun – a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.

I wonder what it would be like to fully live a life in rapture. Free. In intense pleasure. Joyful. Unto yourself.

I look around at the women in my life. The healers, nurturers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, moon goddesses, teachers, leaders, travellers, coaches, speakers, strategists, doctors, mothers, bankers, yogis. All trying to live on purpose, make a difference, show up in a way that matters, and take care of those close to them.

And I often wonder as I look at all of our lives, where is the freedom? Where is the rapture? Where is the unleashed power? Where do we find joy and intense pleasure? Where do we give of our wisdom without worrying how it will be received, just because we know we need to share it?

And here is the truth of it: the freedom is wherever you create it. The rapture is wherever you choose to experience it. The sharing of wisdom happens whenever you are brave and bold enough to stand up, speak out and use your voice. And pleasure and joy can be experiences that we have to make space, time and moments for, but it is within our power to do so, if we care enough to make it matter.

We worry too much. We worry about how we look and how we sound; of how we will be perceived and what people will think; of how many likes we do or don’t get and what it says about us; that we aren’t doing enough, being enough, achieving enough, striving enough; that nobody sees us or really cares about our gifts; and we worry that we are just worn out by it all, and we long for a time when we could just be instead of always trying become.

Because becoming is exhausting. It puts us firmly in our masculine energy and leaves our feminine dying on the vine. It makes that softer part of us who just wants to be received and seen and acknowledged and loved, yearn for a different life. It leaves our feminine crying out for peace and space and to run away from it all – to a place where she can just be.

So why don’t we all make a pact to stop becoming and just start being.

Being who we truly are. Real, gritty, honest, unpolished, unfiltered, uncensored, unconcerned with anything other than just coming back home to who we truly are. In this moment, this day, this time and this place.

Let’s just be. Let go of the striving to be anything other than who we are. Drop the chains that bind us. Take off the mask that hides us. Let the light shine on all that is good and true and whole.

Because you are. And I am. And it’s enough.

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You stand in power whenever you are brave and bold enough to stand up, speak out and use your voice.

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Photo Credit : Jack Antal


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