Remove what’s not in alignment

What the Universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it is a lot more interesting than what you try to manifest.
— Adyashanti

We struggle so hard to control everything in our lives. We think that if we can just plan it all out and tick it all off that we will remain in control. We believe that we can manifest everything into existence all on our own, that we know what our best path looks like. We delude ourselves into thinking that we know what is best for us.  

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that there is a greater force at play in your life, that actually is the all knowing all being all force? That you really don’t need to try so hard to control and materialise what you think you want? And that if you could simply step out of the way, let go of the reins a little and trust what is being manifest for you, that it would be in your highest order? 

Our work is to show up in our truest sense of ourselves. To live in the moment. To be love and only love. And to let those things that are not in alignment with that, fall away. When you find your grounded centre and live life true to your values and integrity, then it becomes quite clear what’s no longer in alignment.

You can learn to distance yourself or remove parts of your life that aren’t serving you, your purpose or your wellbeing. This could be a job, partnership, friendship, living place, belongings, or anything else that just doesn’t feel right anymore. That feeling is enough, you don’t have to rationalise it or explain it. 

Believe that your truest purpose is to be here now, to expand your consciousness, and to be love. Let anything that isn’t alignment with that purpose dissolve. 


I consciously live in alignment with my soul’s purpose. 


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Believe that your truest purpose is to be here now, to expand your consciousness, and to be love.

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Photo Credit : Yaoqi Lai


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