Make your money sacred


How often do you check your finances? I must admit this has not always been one of my strengths.

I had years and years when I worked in a big job, was earning great money (and spending it just as fast) where I wouldn’t open my bank account unless I absolutely had too. I didn’t want to know or hold myself accountable for my spending - or be faced with my lack of saving.

The thing was that if I had checked in on a regular basis I would have seen the situation for what it was, and I like to think I would have changed my habits.  

So where are you at? Do you know exactly what your current financial situation is?

Are you are aware of what you spend, how much you earn (including all sources of income no matter their size), where you could be cutting down on your spending to save more?

How often do you look up your bank accounts on line, check your credit card statement, assess your assets (no matter how small)? 

If we want to be financially responsible, then we need to make our money sacred.

Start with checking in on your finances, and get into the habit of checking in daily for a while if you can to build the habit.

In five minutes you will be able to see the latest charges on your credit card, miscellaneous spending coming out of your savings account (yes those chai lattes add up) and stay energetically in touch with your money.

Money and financial flow are both energy. Let yours become sacred.   



I am financially aware and responsible, and my money is sacred. 

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If we want to be financially responsible, then we need to make our money sacred.

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Photo Credit : Charisse Kenion


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