Let passion and play ignite your possibilities


My client Mary was having a really hard time in her career. She knew that what she was doing wasn’t lighting her up, in fact she was pretty much hating it. She felt stuck, under utilised, and just plain bored. There was no purpose or passion in her job, but she had no idea what came next.

As we worked together, the stories of what Mary was really passionate about started to unfold. Connecting with people. Sewing. Entertaining. Crafts. Natural healing. Wellbeing.

So I asked her, what would it be like to give yourself permission to start playing in these different areas? The emphasis was on the playing. Not to have to switch careers, or make a living, or undertake further study, or take it all too seriously. Just play.

At the same time, Mary had started looking for a new job. In interview after interview, she was told that she wasn’t the right fit, or that the role wasn’t for her. Then finally, in one last meeting, the interviewer looked her straight in the eye and asked why she was looking for a role like this when her passions clearly laid in other areas.

Mary was stumped.

Was it that obvious?

Yes, it was. To everyone but her.

She continued to play with the passions that she’d been denying herself and hiding from because she thought she wasn’t allowed to have too many passions, especially with her work and family roles.

Once she started to open the door to her diverse interests, she started to blossom.

Her creativity was re-ignited. She felt joyful again. And low and behold, the right role became available that she felt more aligned to, could work part time in, and that would free her up to start a wellness business to further integrate and pursue that which she loved.

What box have you been trying to fit yourself into? What passions are you denying yourself?

Give yourself permission to love what you love and explore it to your hearts content. You never know the journey you might go on when you allow yourself to be pursue what lights you up.

Choose one small thing you can start to play with this week. No pressure. No expectations.

Just play. And see what’s possible.

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...What if you were led by passion? What if play guided your decisions? What would you do next?

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