It’s sacred because you say it is


What does sacred really mean?

How do we know what is sacred?

The traditional definitions of the word point to sacredness being connected to religion. But I prefer to think of it as something worthy of your devotion, and of holding something with reverence.

For most, basic human rights are sacred. The earth is sacred. Your children and family members are sacred. Your home is sacred.

People, places, special memories, and even objects, can hold sacred meaning. It’s something that we hold very important to us.

In reality, we get to define what is sacred for each of us. So what is sacred to you?

For me, I hold many things as sacred in my life. My relationships with my son, my family and close friends. 

My spiritual practices including yoga, meditation and prayer. 

My sacred spaces in my home. 

My connection with nature, my creativity, learning and reading. 

My connection to my higher self, to expanding my consciousness, to my continued awakening. 

My health and wellbeing and that of my family. My work in the world.  

We get to define what is sacred for ourselves, and how we practice that sacredness is up to us. Gain clarity for yourself as to what is sacred in your life, then create rituals that honour that sacredness in your daily life. 


I get to define what’s sacred in my life. 

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You define what's sacred in your life. It's sacred because you say it is.

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Photo Credit : Jesse Bowser


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