I see you

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.
— Simone de Beauvoir

I see you.

You’re pretty amazing, but I’m not sure you know it. You’re working hard to live the life of your dreams, but sometimes you lose your way. The path gets too busy. The vision gets murky. You question yourself. And yes, you sometimes just get far too tired (exhausted even, let’s be honest).

But you know that you have incredible gifts to share with the world, if only you could find the space, time, energy and focus to unlock them. And you also know that you are surrounded by women who are brilliant, radiant and full of magic just like you, but they don’t often see it either.

But I see you.

I know of the incredible power within you. The feminine power. The ancient wisdom longing to be remembered. The new knowledge waiting to be spoken. And when you remember who you truly are, there will be no time left for hiding behind the masks you have been socialised to wear.

When you come home to who you truly are, when you show up as the real you, everything becomes possible. All options become visible. And rising becomes the most natural act in the world.

You are amazing. You are magical. You are a woman. And everything you need you already have. You just need to turn the key and open the door to your radiant feminine power.

It’s time, my sister.  It’s time to rise.


I rise.

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Everything you need you already have. Turn the key and open the door to your radiant feminine power.

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Photo Credit : Caique Silva


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