How much is enough?


How much money is enough money? It’s a potentially game changing, life changing question. We work and grind in the never ending race to more.  Always wanting the next thing, bigger better faster infinity. But when was the last time you sat down and analysed your financial goals and what it is you’re earning your money for? 

I spent a lot of energy when I started my own business working out how much money I could earn. Not in the ‘I want to be rich’ way, but in the ‘how viable can I make this business’ way - as well as in the ‘Will I be able to pay the mortgage,’ kind of way. I calculated all the coaching sessions, speaking gigs, online programs, strategy work, and book sales, and the hypothetical potential numbers racked up: six figures, quarter of a mill, half a mill, seven figures. And off I went, getting to work.

But then I did what so many entrepreneurs do - I got to a place where I was working all the hours, doing all the hustling, and being in a financially successful business model that wasn’t serving me at all. I had the team right there hustling along with me. And I was hating every minute. 

About three years in, I took a giant pause and asked myself this question: ‘How much do I actually need to earn to be happy, healthy and comfortable?’ Note the word I use there: comfortable. Able to pay the mortgage and the school fees, pay my business expenses and investments, have a mini break every few months, fund my creative projects and buy all the books, crystals and essential oils I want (because: essential). 

Yes I wanted a bigger house so my son and I could have more space, but it wasn’t essential. Yes there were other things I wanted. But again, not essential. Not even in the slightest.

So I checked myself. Hard as it was, I let my team go. My operations manager had been with me for three years and was leaving anyway to head overseas to work. The rest of the team were phasing out of projects so it was good timing for a break. I was feeling the overwhelming need to be in my own space for a while. To strip things back. To get back to the path of ease. To minimise the expenses in my business that had gotten out of control.

To do less, want less, create less, strive for less.

I worked out how much money I actually needed. What my enough number was. And I started making that the goal, doing the work I actually wanted to do, creating the art I really wanted to make. And being more at peace with it all.

We don’t need nearly as much as we think we do. When we get clear on the actual needs, and stop the striving for excess, other things open up: time, space, creativity, freedom.  It doesn’t mean you stop having an abundance mindset. It doesn’t mean you lose the vision for the life that you truly want to create. But it does mean you can free yourself from a financial goal that locks you in to a life you don’t want to live, because you think you have to be in it. It’s the very essence of less is more.

So ask yourself: how much is enough? And engineer your life to make that the goal. 


I only need enough. Not more.

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How much do you actually need to be happy?

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Photo Credit : Anita Austvika


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