Go to the island. Burn the boats

The trouble is, you think you have time.
— Buddha

How committed are you to your purpose? How excited are you to do your work in the world?

How ready are you to step into your power, to be seen, to really do something meaningful?

If you’re nodding and saying yes to yourself, or you feel like you’re even on the outskirts of this vicinity, then let me ask you this:

Are you hedging your bets?

Are you dancing around the edges of your work and life, not wanting to fully step in?

Are you just dabbling, playing with the idea of stepping in but only doing it half heartedly?

Are you still invested in your Plan B, you know, just in case?

Do you think you’re all in, but know in your soul that you aren’t even close?

If any of these questions ring remotely true, then I have a message for you.

Lean in and listen closely.

If you know in your heart it’s time. If you’ve mitigated all of the risk required. If you’ve played on the edges and you just know that you do need to do this thing, and that the time is now.

If you’re ready to step into your potential, your power, your purpose.

If you just know.

Then here is the message.

Go to the island. Burn the boats. And don’t look back.



I step in fully to my purpose. I burn the boats. I’m ready.

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If you know in your heart it’s time. Go to the island. Burn the boats. And don't look back.

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Photo Credit : Alireza Dolati


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