Exhausted? Learning to recover and restore


Tiredness. We all feel it. Sometimes we are just tired at the end of a long day. Sometimes we haven’t slept well and struggle to get through our to do list. And sometimes, we feel that kind of world weary tiredness, right down into our bones. The tiredness that makes it hard to fall asleep, to stay asleep, to get the rest you need, to restore your spirit. Most of us have been there.

I see a lot of women working through tiredness and restlessness, from some level of malaise though to flat out exhaustion. But we need to give ourselves a break. Cut ourselves some slack. Learn - really learn - to take better care of ourselves.

Here are ten of my tested practices for you to consider, to support you no matter where you may fall on the tiredness scale.

1 Stop pushing

If you are anything like me, my habitual pattern in a former life when I was tired all of the time was to just keep pushing. Drive through it with my game face on. And keep striving. But it’s a recipe for disaster and burn out. You need to stop. Right here, right now. Commit to ending the battle with your exhaustion. The more you push through it, the thicker the forest will get until you can no longer even see the trees in front of you. Stop. Now.

2 Surrender

Yield. Let it go. Lay down your arms. You gotta surrender. It’s not a form of weakness to give up the fight. It’s actually the greatest sign of courage to say this is enough now. I’m going to release the struggle. And I’m going to surrender into the journey. This isn’t easy loves, trust me I know. It’s the path I have chosen this year, and it’s a continual lesson in grace. Especially when you are tired, learn to find the peace and ease in letting it all go, and seeing what remains.

3 Listen to your pain

Ok, this will be uncomfortable. When we are feeling any kind of pain or discomfort, the first instinct is usually to numb it. Or distract ourselves from it. Push it down, crowd it out, make it go away. But when we sit with the pain under our tiredness, it has secrets to tell us. What is your exhaustion trying to tell you? What have you been hiding from with your busyness and to do list? What do you need to learn here? Get quiet, and listen to the wisdom that will speak through your pain.

4 Rest, don’t quit

When we hit that wall, we can want to throw it all in, think it’s all too hard, and quit. Most of us are not so good at resting. At pausing. At drawing breath, reflecting, restoring. But you need to know this: Just because you are having a hard time right now, it doesn’t mean that it’s forever. It’s just this moment, it’s not the rest of your life. Learn to take a moment and know that most things can be recovered. You can work your way to the other side. Don’t make life changing decisions in those moments when you feel over it. Give yourself the space to breath into it.

5 Sleep

When you feel bone weary tired, sleep may allude you. But don’t give up. Do whatever you can to get as much sleep as you can. Research tells us that adults need between 7-9 hours every night to be well and thriving. Work out what the optimal number is for you and then schedule your life around it as much as you can. Evening rituals. Lavender baths. Melatonin or valerian. Sound machine waves. Praying to the sleep Goddesses. Nanna naps in the afternoon. Work out what works so you can get the sleep you need.

6 Learn to restore

Sleep is the golden ticket for sure. But there are lots of things you can do throughout your day to restore yourself and ease your tiredness. Nourishing nutrition: choose the green juice, ditch the sugar and coffee. Change your workout: go for a restorative yoga class instead of a punishing run. Meditate: stop telling yourself you can’t and sit for 5 minutes and breathe. Put your legs up the wall for a ten minute restoration break. Make some mint and lavender herbal tea and sip slowly. Play some zen music and zone out. Build your restoration rescue kit to support you every day.

7 Get oily

One of my most loved wellbeing tools are doTERRA pure essential oils which I use to support my system and those of my clients (I studied aromatherapy in my Masters of Wellness degree). Some of my favourites for rest and recovery include: basil for renewal, lime for energy, chamomile for purpose and calm, frankincense to restore your spirit, wintergreen for surrender, grounding blend for balancing and adrenal support, lemon to boost your energy, lavender for deep peace. My clients tell me that once they start using these oils, they wonder what they ever did without them. I agree 100%. Learn more about how essential oils can support your journey at sacredliving.co.

8 Create sacred space

Create some sacred space in your home that will encourage you to just be with yourself, and remember what is most important.  I love creating an alter, a small place that you can put meaningful objects, crystals, images, stones, incense or a candle, cards, or anything that helps bring you back to yourself. I have one in my entrance with some Byron art and small objects I love. One in my living room with my aromatherapy diffuser and oil collection along with some loved books, and one in my bedroom where I meditate with sacred objects, crystals, candles, beach shells and other goodness. Create one for yourself and use it as an anchor to return home to yourself.

9 Go deeper

Once you have created space, initiated yourself in the art of the surrender and started to restore yourself, you have the opportunity to go deeper. Why are you feeling restless or feeling so very tired? What’s causing you to drive so hard? What are you afraid of? What are the stories that are holding you back?  Where is the purpose and meaning in your work and life? Sit with yourself. And let your thoughts unfold. Journal, paint, vision board, write, talk to a trusted guide or friend. Stop pushing away the things that matter and the big questions. You are strong enough to hear the answers your body is trying to tell you. Tune in dear heart, and listen.

10 Trust yourself, and life

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the permission to trust yourself. When we stop looking outside of ourselves for answers and turn inward, to our own inner wisdom and guidance system, we stop churning and burning our energy. We stop questioning what we think we believe but replace with others projections and opinions. We learn to find the calm in our self created chaos, to understand grace and ease. And we learn that whatever decisions we make, when they come from our core, our own inner knowing, that we will be just fine. That we can trust ourselves. And that we can trust life that all is unfolding just as it should be. Relax into that knowing, and take rest there.

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