Embrace your uniqueness

Cherish forever what makes you unique, cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes.
— Bette Midler

In a world where fitting in and compliance have so much currency, we often overlook and play down the very things that make us so special and stand out.

We were brought up as the daughters of the patriarchy after all, and taught that our conformity, not our difference, would help us get ahead.

We don’t have to scratch too far below the surface though to know that it’s our uniqueness, not our sameness, that draws people to us, and that lights us up. And we all want the courage to express that in the world.  

But let’s be real. One of the major things that blocks us from embracing all the wonderful and unique things about us is this: comparison. 



a consideration or estimate of the similarities or  

dissimilarities between two things or people. 


One of our greatest challenges is to learn to rest in our own sense of self, and not get caught up in what other people are doing. It sounds easy, but it’s really difficult. We look around us and worry that we aren’t doing it right, that we aren’t doing enough, that we’re moving too slow, that someone else will get what’s meant for us, that we are just not good enough to make it. And the more we look around at others, the more these feelings intensify. It can be demoralising. Paralysing. And it takes away our magic.  

If you were to stay in your own lane, and focus on yourself and your own magic, what would you see?

What is one quality you have that really makes you different? What is one thing that people closest to you, those who see the real you, compliment you on? What do you just know is a special gift you have to bring to the world?

Instead of checking out what everyone else is doing, focus in on your own gifts. Show up and do your own work. Spend your energy amplifying your uniqueness. The lane you’re in is the only one that matters. Step off the comparison hamster wheel and sit into the knowing of all you have to be grateful for, just because you are you.  


I acknowledge and celebrate my special gifts, and bring them to the world.  

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Stop comparing. Spend your energy amplifying your uniqueness.

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Photo Credit : Joanna Kosinska


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