Conscious consumerism

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.
— Anna Lappe

When you look around your home, office or bedroom, what do you see? I imagine if your space is like mine, what you would see is a lot of ‘stuff.’  Sometimes it’s almost embarrassing when I think of the bills I could have paid, the mortgage contribution I could have made, or even the charity I could have donated to, if I hadn’t bought all the things and belongings that cover every surface of my life. 

I wonder how much clarity you have on your spending habits: where your money goes, how much cash you spend on irrelevant items, on things you don’t need, magazines you won’t read, food you won’t eat, or clothes you won’t wear.  

We get into habitual patterns of spending. Lately, I’ve been trying to stop all discretionary spending.. With every purchase, from a banana to a new outfit for a speaking gig, I pause, breathe and check in: do I need it, will I use it, do I already have something like it, where else would this money be better spent or saved?

Also, I’m asking more often where does this item come from: where was it made, who made it, how was it made, what is it made from. Is it going to harm the environment, or the people who produced it, or be helpful? 

It’s called conscious consumerism and it’s changing my mindset, my footprint and my bank balance.

It’s a process for sure. When we embark on changing a deeply ingrained habit we are literally rewiring our brains as well as our social behaviours. It can take time.

It’s a process in mindfulness, intentionality, and in saving cash as well as the planet (over consumption is killing us, let’s be real about it). 

If you stopped the spending, what would you have time, space, energy and money for? Try stopping for a week and see what happens.  



I bring less new stuff into my life. I only buy what I truly need. 

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Over consumption is killing us, let’s be real about it. Stop buying what you don't need.

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