Chase the grace


Chase the Grace

can you feel it?

running through your veins 

the pulsating, driving need

to do

to act

to strive

to give more

achieve more

learn more

have more

do you feel it?

barrelling inside your head like a freight train

throbbing at your temples, in your heart

through your brain like a cancer

cutting off your air until your lungs have been boaconstricted

can you feel it?

what if you just stopped?

yes stop



and again

now release it

unleash it

say no

let it go

your time will come

your work will be done

what is for you will not pass you

let it be easy

oh so easy


go with ease

and peace

and grace



what will you chase?

chase the grace

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Stop. Breathe. Say no. Let it go. What is for you will not pass you. You can afford to wait.

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Photo Credit : Sommi


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