5 simple ways to check in with yourself


It’s as true now as when Ferris Bueller said it when I was 16 – Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

So how are you tracking right now? When you look at your goals and intentions, how are you going? It’s a good idea to regularly check in with yourself about where you are at, how you are progressing against your goals, and most importantly, how you are feeling about where you are at. 

Here are five ways to help you get started.

1. Are you feeling purposeful?

When you wake up in the morning, are you excited to get up and get into your day? Or do you hit snooze, or mosey around aimlessly, procrastinating so you don’t have to get started? This is a sure fire way to know whether you are on the path or not. Sure we may not feel like leaping for joy every day. But when we are on purpose, we do feel that energy more often than we don’t. If not, then take a few moments to rethink your goals, and adjust your course.

2. Are you being helpful?

I find one of the most important questions for me to feel good about what I am doing in the world, is how helpful am I being? Whatever role you play in life, whether it is a parent, team member, server, teacher, boss, student, entrepreneur or whatever, we can all help someone else. It’s one of the keys to happiness and feeling purposeful. So ask yourself this question honestly and frequently. It may tell you more than you think.

3. Are you making progress?

When you look at your goals, are you making progress toward achieving them? It doesn’t matter how small the progress, as long as you are moving in the right direction. People think that you have to move ahead in leaps and bounds to be successful. It’s just not true. Baby steps count. Each step we take that moves us closer to our goal realisation is a good step. Make sure you are taking a new step each day and you are on your way.

4. Are you happy?

Some people think this is an overrated question. You know, like, who has time to be happy right? Well, actually, you do. Because if you aren’t, then what’s the point? Taking time to check in with what is making you happy today, tomorrow and next week, is a key step to ensuring you can keep that going, or change your situation if you need to. What are the things that can give you a happiness boost? Make them a part of your day and make your happiness a priority. It will make a difference to you, and to everyone around you as well.

5. Are you feeling well?

This is perhaps the most important one, as it is foundational for everything else. So get quiet, get still, and really feel this question in your body. Do I feel well? Am I thriving? Do I have my glow on, lot’s of good energy, and am I feeling calm and healthy? So many people skim right past this question, knowing that if they really heard the answer, that they would have to make some changes. Don’t do that. Your body knows what you need to do. It could be more sleep, some green juice, daily meditation, a yoga class or a run, some more time connecting with friends, some time in nature, or just some down time with a good book. Get quiet and listen and you will know what the answer is. The key is to listen, and then do.

Five simple ways to check in with yourself. I hope you they serve you.

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How busy are you right now? Here are five simple ways to check in with yourself.

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